At our upcoming BW Leadership Academy, the key question we will help each person answer is: Why should anyone follow you? Besides your job title, why should each person on your team trust and believe in you? The best leaders are lifters. They lift the hopes, dreams, and performance of everyone they are fortunate to serve.

At our innovative leadership academy, each attendee will:

-Be assigned a certified executive coach to work with both before AND after the Academy

-Be actively engaged in 2 full days of learning with my team and I about how to become a stronger leader.

-Take the acclaimed Gallup StrengthsFinder Online Assessment (to identify the attendee's unique strengths)

-Develop a customized action plan based on the attendee's unique strengths

Who should attend?

-The Academy is designed primarily for strong middle managers/dept heads and potential future senior leaders.

Which of your managers would benefit from attending this event?

Visit our Academy’s website to view the agenda, learn about Bryan, register and much more!