2 Customer Service WOW Stories to Jumpstart Your Week!

/2 Customer Service WOW Stories to Jumpstart Your Week!

2 Customer Service WOW Stories to Jumpstart Your Week!

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I've had the privilege of visiting and working with the staff at The American Club in Kohler, WI over the years. Their 'Immigrant Restaurant & Winery' is one of only three restaurants in the entire state of Wisconsin that is rated a AAA 4 diamond. They also offer the state's only Forbes 5 Star & AAA 5 diamond property. Their Kohler Waters Spa has the Forbes 5 Star designation as well.

You may wonder … how does a company obtain these achievements?

As I've always said and truly believe, the strength of any company is in its employees. Kohler is no exception. The following story was submitted by Kohler Waters Spa employee Donne Lorier. Thank you Donna to you and your team for Working Like You Own It.

"A guest of the Kohler Waters Spa who has frequented The American Club Resort for many, many years was starting to decline in health due to her age. Her husband passed away several years ago, but her son continues to bring her to Kohler to enjoy all of her favorite things. Due to her limitations, she has difficulty moving in and around the spa, especially maneuvering from treatment tables and baths.

Because we have some of the most amazing and caring spa therapists (my opinion), they anticipated her next scheduled visit and created special, unique treatments which would allow her to enjoy her time here without compromising her safety. During her visits, the entire staff reaches above their normal duties to lend her a hand with dressing, personal hygiene and getting her to her services.

We could probably turn her away, stating that we don't have the skills and manpower to continue doing this, but our staff is devoted to treating her with dignity, and treating her with the same respect she always received in her many years of coming here. I am so proud to be part of this team."

Shake Shack

During a recent day-trip to Baltimore, my family decided to have lunch at Shake Shack. While the team obviously shows great care in selecting quality ingredients and preparing delicious meals, the service is what stands out. It was lunchtime, so the place was packed. Yet, it took us less than five minutes to zip through the line to order our food.

Key Point: They value my time.

Then, our two year old son decided to have an epic meltdown before the food came. Out of nowhere, one of the employees brought a small cup of vanilla ice cream (with sprinkles) to pacify him. It worked like a charm.

Key Point: Anticipate my needs.

When our buzzer rang to notify us that our food was ready to be picked up, I went to the counter to get our meals. Before heading back to the table, I needed to make a quick stop to the condiments station to get a few small cups of ketchup. Another employee saw me balancing the tray and immediately swooped in to help me carry everything to our table. It turned out that the employee was the General Manager of the restaurant! He stayed for a few minutes and chatted with my family, inquired about the taste of the food, and invited us to come back.

Key Point: Make us feel like we are the only customers who matter, at that moment.

**If you have any great stories or examples of people who "Work Like They Own It", please send them to us!

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