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Use Actual Intelligence to Expand Revenue Potential Throughout the Guest Journey

Use Actual Intelligence to Expand Revenue Potential Throughout the Guest Journey

May 25, 2018

By Michael Bennett

We can't escape the topic of AI today. In a world of big data and personalization, it's shaping how we approach everything in the hospitality industry. But as powerful as artificial intelligence is, machine learning must be leveraged alongside hotel expertise and data management strategy to drive forward smarter, more accurate marketing results.

With an actual intelligence approach, hotels can:

  • Use machine learning to create more meaningful and relevant marketing moments that drive revenue
  • Focus your marketing activity on segments with the highest affinity to win
  • Analyze booking patterns, purchasing history and sentiment for advanced targeting and higher guest satisfaction

So, where do you start? To help break it down, here are the key focus areas I've seen great success with myself as both a former hotel marketer and strategist at Cendyn in turning actual intelligence into action for higher revenues and guest loyalty.

Consolidate data & create global profiles

Guests expectations have changed. There are now multiple digital touch points that a prospective guest goes through before they reach your property. If you consolidate all those touch points into a rich guest profile through a hotel CRM, not only can you better serve that guest (on and offline), you can leverage those profiles to drive more demand.

Use data to create "best guest" segmentation

Deeper insights provide deeper segmentation, which results in better targeting and ultimately

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