Learn How To Approach & Engage in Difficult Conversations at the STRONG Leader Institute

/Learn How To Approach & Engage in Difficult Conversations at the STRONG Leader Institute

Learn How To Approach & Engage in Difficult Conversations at the STRONG Leader Institute

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By Dr. Bryan K. Williams

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "How do I handle difficult conversations with my staff?" I've found that leaders want to address subpar (and even mediocre) performance with their teams, but lack the skillset for how to do so effectively.

One of our multiple sessions at the upcoming STRONG Leader Institute will be led by Alicia Santamaria, who is a subject matter expert on all areas of Workplace Conflict Management.

Her session is called: Leadership Best Practices for Approaching and Engaging in Difficult Conversations

In this session, she will explore four practices that leaders can use to increase their effectiveness in this crucial area.

Alicia says, "Skilled leaders know that even their typical, day-to-day workplace conversations are opportunities to connect, build trust and strengthen relationships. What about the not-so-typical, really hard conversations though?

What are best practices for leaders to use when a conversation involves strong and differing perspectives and where emotions and stakes might run high?

Although these conversations provide the greatest opportunities for trust and relationship-building, they are often approached with trepidation, uneasiness, or avoided all together."

At the STRONG Leader Institute, you will learn how to become a stronger, more confident and assertive leader. Our pre-event executive coaching and 2-day program, will help you:

  • Establish a culture of peer accountability
  • Give more effective feedback
  • Communicate effectively with those who work with you, report to you and you report to
  • Turn mediocrity into high performance
  • Plus More!

The STRONG Leader Institute equips you with the tools and resources needed to build, inspire and sustain a high-performing team.

Claim your seat at this amazing event!

“The Strong Leadership Institute left me energized and well equipped with new tools that I can immediately use with my team. Bryan Williams and his collaboration with Talent Plus delivered a powerful program that enhanced my leadership journey. I am so grateful that my organization invested in me and that my experience was so satisfying. Thank you!!” Gwynne Deveau, Vice President, HR | Seabury

About Bryan K. Williams

Dr. Bryan K. Williams is the creator of the STRONG Leader Institute, the acclaimed BW Leadership Academyand the author of four booksEngaging Service, Work Like You Own It, How to Serve a VIP, and Lift Me Higher. His passion is world-class customer service and leadership excellence. He has facilitated workshops and delivered keynotes all over the world for various companies. He speaks on a variety of topics related to service excellence, employee engagement, and leadership effectiveness. As a consultant, Bryan works closely with companies to design, develop, and implement sustainable service strategies. His company's online storeincludes a growing collection of customer service products that are well-suited for your training library.

To learn more please visit, http://bwenterprise.net

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