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Leadership Lessons: Pull the Weeds

Bryan K. Williams | October 29, 2019

By Dr. Bryan K. Williams Do you know what annoys a gardener more than anything else? A weed. They hate weeds. As soon as a weed rears its head the gardener pulls it out! In my analogy, the "gardener" is the leader and the "weed" is not the problem employee... it is the undesirable behavior (blaming other depts, bad attitude, etc). If your goal is to have a thriving garden (team), here are some keys to note regarding weeds: *You never have to try to make weeds grow. *Weeds don't start big. They always start small. *It's always easier to pull weeds when they are small. *Weeds are a sign of neglect. Whenever you see weeds, it mean...

The #1 Rule in Service Excellence: Keep the Customer

BW Leadership Academy | August 3, 2017

By Bryan Williams United Airlines is now a case study for how not to treat customers. Especially paying customers…who are about to receive the service they paid for…and are obviously unhappy about how they are being treated. There is so much to learn from this scenario. Horst Schulze, who is the former President and COO of the Ritz-Carlton (and one of my biggest influences) always said that rule #1 is to keep the customer. For any organization to be successful, they must become proficient at keeping customers (and not lose them). Keep them happy. Keep them engaged. Keep them so well that they eagerly look forward to return...

BW Leadership Academy Supports to Help Classrooms in Need

BW Leadership Academy | April 13, 2017

Washington DC (April 13, 2017): The acclaimed BW Leadership Academy, founded by hospitality executive, Dr. Bryan K. Williams, is coming to Phoenix, Arizona! In addition to providing attendees with an impactful learning experience both before and after the event, a portion of the revenue will go towards funding a classroom project in the city. "As a long-time supporter of, I am excited that we will be using proceeds from this upcoming Leadership Academy to fully fund one (or more) teacher projects in the Phoenix metro area. No child should ever be in need of learning supplies. Together, we will make a meaningful differen...

ResortSuite Selected Dr. Bryan K. Williams as Keynote Speaker for Its Recent Annual Conference in Toronto

Bryan K. Williams | April 10, 2017

Washington DC (April 10, 2017): As the global leader in hospitality software solutions, ResortSuite recently held its acclaimed User Conference at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto. The event took place between Tuesday, March 28th and Thursday March 30th, and was attended by leading luxury properties such as Montage Hotels and Resorts, Omni Hotels and Resorts and Miraval Resorts. Dr. Bryan K. Williams was the keynote speaker and challenged all attendees to always set high standards, and create an engaging service culture on their teams. "It was so inspiring to be around a group of people who are all passionate about the same thing &...

The #1 Key to Building a World-Class Service Culture Today

Dr. Bryan K. Williams | March 13, 2017

Oh, what a privilege it is to serve others. Whether you work in a hotel, restaurant, spa,club, conference center, etc, the purpose is the same: Consistently deliver exceptional service and create memorable experiences for those you serve. That's it. Treat. People. Well. Everyday. Regardless of who they are, or where they are from, or their gender, or age or race, or culture, or socio-economic status. To serve at such a consistently high level, we need to always remind ourselves of who we are, what we do and where we do it. Who am I, as a service professional? What is my role? Where do I get to serve others? Notice I wrote, "get...

Leadership Excellence: Leaders are Lifters

Bryan K. Williams | October 27, 2016

The countdown has begun and there are just 7 more days until the BW Leadership Academy. Strong leaders are lifters! They encourage, inspire, challenge and recognize performance on a daily basis. This will be an event like no other because you are a leader like no other. Take your leadership and your business to another level. What are you doing to become the leader you are meant to be? The BW Leadership Academy is the place to start. Let us show you how. Strong leaders have a strong vision and inspire others to follow them towards that vision. Join us at the BW Leadership Academy, and learn how to become a leader that others want to fol...

The Big Leadership Question: Why Should Anyone Follow YOU?

Bryan K. Williams | October 10, 2016

At our upcoming BW Leadership Academy, the key question we will help each person answer is: Why should anyone follow you? Besides your job title, why should each person on your team trust and believe in you? The best leaders are lifters. They lift the hopes, dreams, and performance of everyone they are fortunate to serve. At our innovative leadership academy, each attendee will: -Be assigned a certified executive coach to work with both before AND after the Academy -Be actively engaged in 2 full days of learning with my team and I about how to become a stronger leader. -Take the acclaimed Gallup StrengthsFinder Online Assessment (to ide...

2 Customer Service WOW Stories to Jumpstart Your Week!

Bryan K. Williams | September 12, 2016

I've had the privilege of visiting and working with the staff at The American Club in Kohler, WI over the years. Their 'Immigrant Restaurant & Winery' is one of only three restaurants in the entire state of Wisconsin that is rated a AAA 4 diamond. They also offer the state's only Forbes 5 Star & AAA 5 diamond property. Their Kohler Waters Spa has the Forbes 5 Star designation as well. You may wonder ... how does a company obtain these achievements? As I've always said and truly believe, the strength of any company is in its employees. Kohler is no exception. The following story was submitted by Kohler Waters ...

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