What qualifies as a free press release?

All announcements/releases that are marketing, advertorial or promotional in nature require a posting and distribution fee. Marketing and advertising pieces provided by suppliers/vendors to the industry will be assessed this posting and distribution fee.

Why is there a fee for property award postings?

With as many awards and accolades as there are for properties worldwide, we do not post award releases unless the property or management company agrees to the posting and distribution fee.

How do I change my email address?

A subscriber can change his email address by going to My Account from the navigation bar. Once logged in a subscriber can edit My Account Details, including updating or changing an email address.

How do I submit a press release?

A user can submit a release for posting by Hotel-Online by using the Submit Content button on the navigation bar. A user must have an account to submit content.  The subscriber can log into My Account and follow the  drop-down menus for a press release. News, considered non-marketing articles may be posted at no charge as a service to the industry, all other releases have a posting and distribution fee.

How do I submit an event?

A user can submit an event by using the Submit Content from the global navigation bar and  logging into My Account. Once logged in a User should follow the drop-down menu choices to select Post an Industry Event. A basic industry event listing can be posted at no charge, but there are featured event positions available as well as the availability to post the event in a daily email newsletter. Follow the choices in the shopping cart wizard and checkout when finished. Check out is necessary to submit an event to the system for approval by Hotel-Online staff. Checkout is necesary even for a free listing.

How do I submit a bylined article?

A user can submit a bylined article for posting by Hotel-Online by using the Submit Content button on the navigation bar and selecting Purchase a press release or classified. The user will have the choice to select a Non-Marketing/Non Promotional Story in the drop-down menu. The user should fill out the applicable forms and once submitted Hotel-Online staff will determine if the article is educational, substantive in nature, benefits the industry as a whole and approved for posting. If the article is not approved the author will be notified and can choose to purchase a posting and distribution position.

Why do I need an account?

An account is necessary for the following reasons: A user must create and maintain an account to recieve the daily email newsletter supplied by Hotel-Online. A user must create an acount to submit materials (press release, event, video,  industry resource or banner advertisement). A user must have an account to post comments in the comment section.