Serving Our Kids is a local Las Vegas charity dedicated to providing meals to deserving kids that would otherwise go hungry.  As supporters of the local community Clairvoyix and The Virgin Hotels Las Vegas take pride in contributing to this worthy cause.

LAS VEGAS, NV (September 15, 2022) – Today Clairvoyix and Virgin Hotels Las Vegas proudly announced a contribution to the Serving our Kids Foundation, a local Las Vegas charity that delivers after school and weekend meals to kids who would otherwise go hungry.

David Rosales, Digital Marketing Manager for JC Hospitality, the owner and operator of the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, said “we recognize that while Las Vegas is the premiere destination for adults seeking a great time, not everybody is fortunate enough to have the resources for even a simple meal. We know that our contribution will help hundreds of kids get the food they deserve, and we are proud to not only deliver world-class service to our guests, but to also to give back to our local community.”

Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix, added “we have been part of the Las Vegas community for almost 20 years, and giving back to our city and its citizens is something we take very seriously.  Las Vegas has been great to us, so when Serving our Kids approached us for help, we did not hesitate.  With great partners like Virgin Hotels Las Vegas the city wins, and most importantly the kids win.  That is what Las Vegas is all about.”

Greg Hogan, board member for the Serving our Kids Foundation, summed it all up by saying “our goal is to not have a single kid in Las Vegas and the surrounding area go hungry.  Without the support of the local community and the generosity of our benefactors we would not be able to provide the hundreds of meals necessary to keep deserving kids healthy and focused on their academics.  We are grateful for the donation provided by Virgin Hotels Las Vegas and the support of Clairvoyix.”

About Serving Our Kids     

Serving Our Kids Foundation is dedicated to feeding and serving the needs of Clark County children.  The Foundation relies on community organizations and volunteers to make this possible.   Each weekend, Serving Our Kids feeds 4,000 kids in 105 schools who would otherwise go hungry.  These kids do not currently receive weekend food bags from any “backpack” program or other governmental programs, but still face empty plates on weekends.  To learn more please visit