Leading hotel marketing automation system provider utilizes their Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) expertise to bring big dividends to their partner Fetch and The Wallace NYC.

LAS VEGAS, NV (June 9, 2022) – Vendor partnerships come in many forms, but the best ones bring true added value to their client properties.  In the case of The Wallace, a luxury hotel in New York City, the property is benefiting from Fetch’s industry leading guest engagement platform made possible by utilizing the Clairvoyix OHIP connector for Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud.

“The Wallace saw the value in our guest engagement solution, but as an OPERA Cloud PMS customer they required a vendor who offered OHIP connectivity”, said Russell Silver, CEO and Founder of Fetch, “we knew that our partner Clairvoyix was developing expertise in this arena, and we reached out to them and Clairvoyix was able to deliver the connectivity without any delays to our implementation schedule.”

Clairvoyix made minor modifications to the previously developed Clairvoyix OHIP connector to make it specific to the Fetch requirements, resulting in a competitive advantage for Fetch and a suitable solution for The Wallace.

“Clairvoyix made a strategic decision to become subject matter experts in the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform.  We knew that OPERA Cloud and OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management would be a preferred PMS and Sales and Catering solution for thousands of properties worldwide, and we wanted to assist with the objective that connectivity would be a non-issue”, said Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix.  “Property and brand IT should not spend time learning OHIP, they should be working on revenue generating solutions.  Clairvoyix provides a proven and secure OHIP connectivity solution that will save hotel organizations and vendor partners time and money.”

“We believe that OPERA Cloud is the right platform for our customers and prospects, and the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform is the PMS connectivity solution this is efficient, secure, and cost-effective”, said Tanya Pratt, Vice President of OPERA Cloud Strategy and Product Management.  “Clairvoyix and Fetch have proven that OHIP does not require the involvement of Oracle Hospitality to make it functional, the design and documentation make it a true stand-alone platform that is the true mark of a burgeoning industry standard.”

The Clairvoyix and Fetch partnership gives OPERA Cloud hotels and resorts the opportunity to bring affordable world class sales and marketing automation and guest engagement and incident tracking to any-sized property, without complicated interfacing issues, thereby reducing costs, eliminating long deployment cycles, and delivering measurable ROI.