Leading hotel marketing automation system integrates with digital guest engagement platform to empower hotels and further improve campaign ROI using service intelligence.

LAS VEGAS, NV (November 19, 2020) – Two things are top of mind for hotels as they begin their recovery:  acquiring guests and operating safely. Clairvoyix has partnered with Fetch to provide hotels one integrated platform to achieve these goals. Clairvoyix supported properties can now use Fetch to ensure safe high-quality guest experiences with proactive contactless guest engagement while leveraging guest satisfaction data to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.    

“It had been made clear to our industry that people want to travel, but they want to know that their health and safety is being proactively addressed”, said Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix.  “Integrating Fetch into the Clairvoyix Marketing Automation solution makes perfect sense as it is what are clients are requesting, and our ability to deploy even more compelling direct marketing campaigns will result in greater ROI for the property.”   

 As the pandemic is proving to be a long-term business reality, contactless service is becoming an important marketing message.  Guests want to know they are going to be safe and that your hotel has implemented the appropriate measures and procedures. Contactless guest engagement has been on the rise for years, but what may have formerly been “nice to have” has quickly become mandatory.  Clairvoyix has made the decision to partner with Fetch because of their proven ability to provide a great product, deliver great service, and as importantly make it affordable.  Fetch is a solution that replaces what would previously require 4-6 platforms. The solution is intuitive enough for any hotel to easily adopt, and the guest data captured is automatically synced to the Clairvoyix marketing database, without requiring any on-property technical support.  

The Fetch system encapsulates everything a hotel needs to embrace contactless guest engagement and facilitate digital team operations.  The system includes:  guest surveys; 2-way messaging; case management; real time alerts; and a full suite of relevant analytics. 

This integration allows Clairvoyix to better engage guests and allow for marketing throughout the guest journey. From pre-arrival, to on-site, all the way to post-stay re-engagement. Most importantly, this is done dynamically based on guest satisfaction scores. That way your guests are always receiving the appropriate messaging, including offers that can be triggered by captured data.  Personalization based on previous satisfaction with the property, group, or brand has proven to drive higher campaign ROI.  

“When COVID-19 hit, most hotels had to throw their marketing playbooks out the window.  Safety is now paramount and for guests to feel safe they want to be able to communicate with hotels using their own devices, period.  For staff to still deliver the magic of great hospitality, they needed an intuitive place to track opportunities, to work as a team to resolve them, and to learn from it all.  Being able to tie this data back into Clairvoyix’ marketing database is the best way for hotels to have one comprehensive marketing and operations strategy, delivered by one great combined partnership.” -Russell Silver, Founder & CEO of Fetch.

Any data captured from Fetch—including survey ratings, feedback, history, and preferences—is automatically synced into the Clairvoyix database. This gives hotels a true 360-degree view of a guest profile, and any of this valuable data can be used for marketing campaigns to ensure more effective targeting and maximum ROI. The messaging, offers, and timing of your direct marketing is now personalized based on a guest’s experiences on property, and this integration not only makes it possible it is also efficient and affordable.

The partnership between Fetch and Clairvoyix allows hotels to check off two important priorities for the recovery and beyond.  Use Clairvoyix’ data-driven direct marketing campaigns to drive bookings, and Fetch’s platform to safely engage with them throughout the guest journey.  The result is more revenue to the property, and richer guest profiles stored within Clairvoyix that will only increase the ROI of future retargeting campaigns.