Leading hotel marketing automation system provider integrates with advanced hospitality technology provider to drive incremental revenue to their joint client properties.

LAS VEGAS, NV (March 28, 2023) – Clairvoyix was grappling with pent-up demand for their sales and marketing automation solutions from numerous properties that were benefiting from the Visual Matrix cloud-based PMS Software.  Clairvoyix and Visual Matrix knew that a fully integrated solution would be the most secure and effective method to bring valuable guest data into the Clairvoyix marketing database.  After a successful pilot at a group of Visual Matrix Branson, MO destination properties both parties knew that the integrated solution would be well received.

“The Visual Matrix solution satisfies many of the critical operational needs of our client properties”, said Georgine Muntz, CEO of Visual Matrix, “and we knew that it made sense to partner for a hospitality-specific direct marketing tool that would leverage the valuable guest data of hotel owners.  We also knew that the partner had to meet our requirements for security, affordability, and effectiveness.  Clairvoyix is that partner.”

Clairvoyix worked with the technical team at Visual Matrix to quickly implement and quality assure the Clairvoyix API integration with the Visual Matrix implementation of HTNG Express.  Visual Matrix’s decision to build APIs based on the HTNG standard allows for a very fast integration timeline with a proven standard that has industry-wide acceptance.

“In an uncertain economy owners and operators are looking for proven revenue-generating solutions that meet their budget requirements”, said Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix, “and our cloud-deployed solution meets those requirements, and features a fully outsourced direct marketing model that is perfect for hospitality organizations that may not have direct marketers on staff.  We see how important it is for Visual Matrix to work with partners that will drive high levels of customer satisfaction, and we are proud of this association”.

The Clairvoyix and Visual Matrix partnership gives our joint hotel and resort clients the opportunity to utilize affordable world-class sales and marketing automation delivering measurable ROI, without the need to learn complicated analytical platforms or a new email platform.  Clairvoyix’ fully outsourced direct marketing model empowers clients to excel at incremental revenue generation through a partnership that connects valuable guest data with sales and marketing automation.   For more information on our partnership please visit: https://visualmatrix.com/clairvoyix/.