Leading hotel marketing automation system provider partners with UpMail to bring highly effective personalized one-to-one emails to the group and event sales process.

LAS VEGAS, NV – August 17, 2021 – Recognizing that hoteliers are facing the recovery with reduced staff and reduced budgets Clairvoyix has partnered with UpMail to bring additional automation and capability to the Clairvoyix group and event sales and marketing automation solution.  The partnership is truly complementary as the Clairvoyix solution will produce highly qualified meeting planner leads for the property or hotel organization, and the UpMail tool will allow for the on-property, regional, or headquarters sales staff to begin a very personalized and targeted series of email communications with the meeting planner.

“We see that meeting planners have become very active as the recovery strengthens, but we know that our hotel and resort clients may not have a full sales staff.  Our group and event solution automates the process of scoring leads in the sales and catering system, and the UpMail solution gives the sales staff a highly effective and efficient tool for communicating with the meeting planners who are associated with the qualified leads”, said Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix.  “Especially for those organizations that cannot afford to spend time on anything but the most qualified lead, our combined solution takes the guesswork out of lead qualification while delivering very compelling messaging to the meeting planner.”

As the pandemic is proving to be a long-term business reality, sales and marketing automation is becoming even more important.   Clairvoyix has made the decision to partner with UpMail because of their proven ability to deploy quickly while providing a very intuitive, affordable, and user-friendly product.  Clairvoyix also believes that UpMail provides tremendous value-add to the group and event sales process without a major hit to the property expense budget.  And like Clairvoyix, UpMail is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

 “Aligning the sales and marketing function creates boundless synergies for hotels and equips their sellers with communication strategy that allows them to stand out from the crowd.  The post Covid market is proving to be fiercely competitive, and sales personnel need solutions that shorten the sales cycle.

We feel this partnership is a gamechanger in how hotels conduct their business development and Group and Event lead follow-ups.  Customer’s expectations are higher than ever, and they demand and deserve a timely and personalized response.  We intend to provide sales teams with this kind of support so that they may capitalize on these opportunities” said Antoine Asselin, CEO & UpMail Founder.

The Clairvoyix and UpMail partnership gives hotels and resorts the opportunity to bring affordable world-class sales and marketing automation to any-sized property, without complicated interfacing, hereby eliminating long deployment cycles.  Users of the combined solution will have almost immediate access to highly qualified sales leads, and an email tool that makes messaging and follow-up with meeting planners extremely compelling and efficient.

As groups and events return to the hospitality market hotel sales teams must be ready to meet the demands of the meeting planners.  Clairvoyix and UpMail are committed to bringing group and event solutions that address the reality of today’s sales and marketing challenges, specifically, the need to bring very lucrative group business back to hotels with limited sales and marketing budget and limited human capital.