Leveraging our combined expertise in digital and direct marketing results in new revenue opportunities for the Hospitality Industry

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (April 25, 2023) – Clairvoyix and Vizergy are announcing a strategic partnership that is already benefiting our joint customers with cloud-based hospitality specific sales and marketing automation solutions, made possible by a cohesive, comprehensive, and complementary set off of direct marketing tools including web site design, paid and organic search tools, email marketing, analytics, and more, all backed by two professional services organizations that count decades of on property hospitality experience.  The partnership will bring together the proven revenue driving solutions of both companies with an emphasis on direct bookings, universally known as the most profitable room booking strategy in the hospitality industry.

Vizergy and Clairvoyix have always been known for their ability to drive direct marketing revenue, and the technology and professional services each company used to achieve this goal was different enough for a partnership to make sense for their joint customers.  The partnership has already produced positive results, with long-time Vizergy customer. the Fusion Resort (Treasure Island, Florida) benefiting from the Clairvoyix hospitality CRM marketing solution.

Commenting on the partnership, Joe Hyman stated “At Vizergy we have been very successful with our core solution set and the consistent revenue results we deliver to our customers, but we always want to give our customers an opportunity to leverage other best of breed solution providers.  We found a great partner with Clairvoyix and most importantly our highly valued customers agree, they see the partnership as truly additive.”

Mike Schmitt commented on the partnership saying, “at Clairvoyix we focus on our strengths, and that is hospitality specific sales and marketing automation that starts with an Oracle database, world-class data hygiene and match/de-dupe logic, and a premium email solution for targeted email and social media campaigns.    With Vizergy we can offer our clients that same level of expertise in the website and search arena.  I have always wanted to work with Vizergy, and I am very pleased we were able to work out the details and make this partnership a reality.”

The unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic and the current economic instability require hotel organizations to carefully allocate their sales and marketing budget, and measurable direct marketing strategies are a proven method to please not only the CFO, but most importantly the hotel operators and owners.  Clairvoyix and Vizergy are committed to bringing world class direct marketing solutions to the hospitality market, all at an affordable mid-market price.