Forty-year hospitality industry veteran gets back to doing what he loves most, assisting hoteliers with technology consulting and providing hospitality technology business advisory services

[New Smyrna Beach, Fla. — October 10, 2023]Gregg Hopkins is once again bringing insight, experience and passion to the hospitality advisory services business. Recently the 40-year hospitality industry veteran re-opened his travel and hospitality-focused consultancy, Gregg Hopkins & Associates (GH&A), to serve as a trusted technology advisor for hotels, resorts, restaurants and clubs, and a hands-on mentor for hospitality technology company executives and front-line marketing and sales personnel.

“It’s been a rough few years in hospitality and it’s time that today’s owners and operators fall back in love with the reasons they chose this industry in the first place,” Hopkins said. “There is a lot to do to keep travelers coming back. That’s why I re-opened GH&A — to do everything today’s operators do not have time to do . . . don’t know how to do . . . and simply don’t want to do because they are too busy serving guests with limited resources. For instance, many hotel companies and independents say they would benefit from a full-time chief technology officer, but they don’t have the finances to support it. GH&A will come in, help standardize the company’s technology across their portfolio, then ensure that it stays up and running all on an outsourced consulting basis. We can help evaluate projects, conduct research, and even advise on global expansion and sales strategies.

“I’m passionate about the hotel business and have built a tremendous career developing, advising, and marketing some of the industry’s most innovative technologies,” he said. “With the industry stabilizing, I feel it’s time to get back to doing what I love the most — engaging with hoteliers to address their challenges — from digital transformation, tech stack modernization, and operational needs/gap analysis, to cloud migration, enterprise analytics, procurement services, project management and more.”

‘Get Hoppy’ Consulting Services

A professional service offering of GH&A is “Get Hoppy Consulting.” Here hoteliers and technology vendors can receive assistance with strategic planning, technology, business development, sales leadership, operations, financial planning, and marketing.

Get Hoppy Consulting focuses on two areas:

1. Attaché Technology Consulting for Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, & Clubs – Get Hoppy will access a hotel’s existing technology framework, infrastructure, security, distribution, sales and operational controls, labor efficiencies, associated agreements, and related costs to uncover technology barriers to operations and use a unique blend of business and technology experience to solve your unique challenges. Via proven methodologies, tools, and best practices, Get Hoppy will fast-track a hotel’s digital business transformation while leveraging technology to reduce costs.

It will also work with vendors on its clients’ behalf to procure solutions and services while understanding the capital and/or operating expenses associated with the selection of the technology and communications infrastructure. Finally, Get Hoppy will provide complete project oversight on planning and deployment of the selected technologies and related infrastructure while ensuring timely coordination of the overall project timeline.

“Doing assessments of a hotel’s current tech stack is critical today so that operators can mitigate vendor or technology encumbrances,” Hopkins said. “Get Hoppy will not only uncover operational inefficiencies in how solutions are being used – or not used, but we will fix what is broken or find something new to replace the old system. We have the astute ability to negotiate with vendors and select the best fitting partner. Then, we will manage and oversee new technology from a property perspective on time and within budget, including streamlining the API process. Properties that are not optimizing solutions effectively and executing against their technology strategy need to Get Hoppy.”

2. Ascend Business Advisory for Travel & Hospitality Technology Companies – Get Hoppy works with owners, operators and their teams to address growth challenges as opportunities, including creating strategic marketing frameworks and goals, planning operational guidance for expansion strategies, defining product roadmap development requirements, as well as product diversification strategies — all critical components to the overall business growth strategy.

Get Hoppy’s marketing and sales capabilities include brand strategy, customer relationship management, sales optimization, channel strategies, pricing, customer segmentation, new product development, product portfolio optimization, and marketing strategy. The company helps hoteliers maximize the business results from major initiatives and aids executives with evaluating the case for investment, set up projects for success—or place current projects on the right track—to ensure they capture value when implementing new systems and programs.

Get Hoppy is also available to execute full trade show management, including but not limited to exposition coordination, exhibit design, on-site management, social functions, post event surveys, and wrap up. GH&A will deliver experiences that move people to engage with a brand and act, whether when planning a company’s special event, such as a Consultant’s Summit, Customer Advisory Board, or Company Sales Meeting.

“Whether you are a young business just getting off the ground, or an established one this is looking to evaluate current strategies and their effectiveness, we are ready to provide experienced strategic advisory services to help take businesses into the future with success beyond their wildest dreams,” Hopkins said.

Prior to the re-launch of GH&A, Hopkins served as CEO of PROVision Partners. His professional career is highlighted with executive roles as VP of Strategic Marketing for Quore; Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Intelity; VP of Global Marketing for Newmarket International & Amadeus Hospitality; Founder, President, and CEO of Libra OnDemand; Chief Business Officer of MAI Systems & SoftBrands Hospitality; and VP of Technology & Distribution for Palmer Hospitality Group. Hopkins has served, or currently serves, as a committee member of select organizations and industry associations including the HFTP Executive HITEC Vendor Council, HTNG Workgroups, the MPI Foundation Global Board of Trustees, the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, and as a member of various Board of Advisors for hospitality technology organizations.

People are ‘Hoppy’ with GH&A

“Gregg has been a mentor throughout my career and provided priceless business and marketing advice. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and very well respected in the industry. I am more than happy to recommend Gregg Hopkins & Associates to my friends and colleagues.” — Frank Wolfe, CEO, HFTP

“As an entrepreneur in the hospitality technology sector, Gregg has consistently demonstrated his expertise and leadership. His dedication to improving the guest experience is unparalleled. His vision and execution have led to groundbreaking solutions for businesses in this space and he would be an asset to any team.” — Mike Blake, Chief Technology Officer, American Hotel & Lodging Association

“Gregg understands the workings of the hospitality industry and has a deep knowledge of technology. And I’m pretty sure he knows everyone in the industry, too. His all-in marketing strategy and approach to messaging embraces all elements of the media, which is something I admire. His marketing strategies are fun and sometimes push the limits of a media company, but they create important, relevant, and interesting messaging that reach the audience – which is the ultimate goal.” — Geneva Rinehart, SVP & Managing Editor, Hospitality Upgrade

In addition to serving as an industry-leading consultant, Hopkins is a published contributor of content to the hospitality trades, and a participant in industry webinars, roundtables and podcasts.

For more information on Gregg Hopkins & Associates and Get Hoppy Consulting, visit the firm’s website,, email [email protected] or call 407-399-7161.