Hospitality industry’s leading enterprise class marketing automation company continues to unlock guest value hidden in client PMS and CRS data

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 17, 2017) – Clairvoyix, the leader in enterprise class, hospitality-specific marketing automation, announces a new milestone in tracked client revenue, surpassing $50 billion from imported guest check-out folios. Clairvoyix achieved this milestone through year-over-year growth and because the solution imports all guest folios and tracks all revenue, including golf, spa, retail, fine dining and of course room revenue.

“Many valuable guests aren’t willing to join a loyalty program, which makes it difficult for hotels to understand the true value of their guests” said Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix. “We believed from the very beginning that our clients’ marketing databases would show tremendous growth over time if we were doing our job, versus merely ‘blasting’ email campaigns. We architected the Clairvoyix marketing automation solution to be the most efficient, affordable and scalable marketing database in the travel and leisure business so that our clients would never outgrow the solution they purchased.”

Unlike many email and mobile direct marketing vendors, the Clairvoyix approach looks at actual guest spending when calculating ROI. Recognizing that “opens,” “clicks” and “impressions” are only part of the ROI equation, Clairvoyix removes the traditional inaccuracies of an ROI calculation by attributing every dollar spent to the guest who booked the room based on a given direct marketing promotion.

In addition, all relevant data from every imported folio is captured so that analytical information can be calculated across multiple stays at multiple properties for any given guest. This level of insight easily identifies high-value guests, regardless of loyalty club affiliation.

Knowing that $50 billion is a dramatic number, Clairvoyix engaged The Prism Partnership, a well-respected hospitality consulting company, to verify its claim. Partner Mark Hoare spent time with Clairvoyix’ chief architect, Clancy Nykl, and was essentially given a “no rules” opportunity to have any query run against the company’s largest client databases.

“Having carefully reviewed Clairvoyix’ database of checked-out guest folios, including verifying data capture protocols, import methodologies and underlying business logic employed to derive the $50 billion in tracked revenue, it is my opinion that this impressive number is very well represented,” Hoare said.