Hospitality industry’s leading enterprise class marketing automation company partners with PhoneSuite, the premier provider of communication technology to the hospitality industry.

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 14, 2020) – Clairvoyix, the leader in enterprise class, hospitality-specific marketing automation, announces their Rapid Recovery Response – R3© solution has been selected by PhoneSuite to provide time sensitive communications to their customers and prospects. PhoneSuite recognizes that hoteliers are faced with unprecedented challenges during the pandemic crisis, including the need to cut expenses without cutting mission critical operational systems such as their phone systems.

“PhoneSuite was looking for the most cost-effective and efficient way to get our messages in the hands of our clients and prospects”, said Frank Melville, CEO and President of PhoneSuite. “The Clairvoyix Rapid Recovery Response solution will allow us to quickly communicate an important cost saving opportunity for our customers and prospects during this critical time when every dollar is important. We know that business and leisure travel will soon open up, and we know our hotel and resort clients need to be ready with state-of-the-art communication solutions that are also cost-effective”.

The Clairvoyix Rapid Recovery Response (R3) program was developed to help the hotels and resorts that have severely reduced budgets and sales and marketing staff, and who choose to continue with guest and meeting planner communications that emphasize their commitment to the health and safety of their guests and employees.

“While R3 was designed for hotels and resorts, PhoneSuite taught us that all hospitality industry stakeholders have a need for affordable and efficient communication solutions during this time of crisis” said Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix. “we are happy to learn that our Rapid Recovery Response solution resonated with so many different

organizations, not just hotels. We are committed to supporting hotels, the vendor community, and associations, and anyone else that requires professional direct marketing strategies and tactics at a price-point that makes sense for the current state of our industry.”