Travel Outlook’s revolutionary technology is assisting Camelback Resort answer significant front desk call volume.

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO (October 2023): In every corner of industry, technology is helping companies break barriers and challenge convention.  The hospitality industry is no exception, and conversational AI is making its mark, providing a new option for effective and consistent customer service.

Many of the calls a hotel front desk receives are repetitive, simple requests, asking routine questions about check-out times, luggage handling, the breakfast location and hours, and general travel information. These types of questions are ripe for the effective implementation of guest-led conversational AI.

Buzzing with guests all year long, Camelback Resort is a year-round resort offering 365 days of adventure to guests, with skiing in the winter, indoor and outdoor waterparks, and ziplines.  At a complex resort like Camelback, simple recurring requests can quickly expand to include questions about ski runs and activities, dining options, and questions about Camelback’s award-winning Aquatopia Water Park.

Because of the high call volume it receives throughout the resort, the team at Camelback Resort turned to Travel Outlook to find ways to support its team to allow them to work more closely with in-house guests and focus their attention to day-to-day operations.  To address this challenge, Camelback asked Travel Outlook to install Annette, The Virtual Hotel Agent™ to answer many of the more frequently asked guest questions.

Annette is programmed by the world’s leading conversational AI specialists, PolyAI. PolyAI’s technology is working in many industries, and PolyAI clients include Landry’s Golden Nugget and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Travel Outlook is harnessing PolyAI’s technology for the hospitality industry through its innovative virtual hotel agent, Annette.  Recently, Camelback installed Annette, and the first month after her installation, Annette answered more than 16,000 calls for Camelback, and one-quarter of these calls have been handled entirely by Annette with no human involvement at all.

Annette also replaced the standard phone tree system at Camelback, allowing callers to ask for employees and departments by name, ensuring swift and accurate transfers.  She correctly understands the guest’s question or query 97% of time, and can transfer callers, send follow-up texts, and answer property-related inquiries, like weather forecasts, mountain coaster and waterpark information, and more.  Annette has become an integral part of the Camelback Resort telephone system.

Annette has helped our team handle spikes in call volume by relaying accurate information to callers in real time, transferring calls quickly and efficiently when needed, and handling many of our calls from start to finish.
John Valadez
VP of Revenue


Annette represents the future of the hospitality industry. With Annette’s latest AI-powered tech, hoteliers can rest easy knowing they can handle seasonal spikes in call volume and maintain their focus on creating a better guest experience.
John Smallwood
President of Travel Outlook

Travel Outlook is changing voice channel operations in the hospitality industry with innovative AI-powered tech and superior training. Our award-winning Reservations Specialists now have the best available technology to boost reservations and increase revenue for our clients.


Travel Outlook works with the largest names in the hospitality industry. Our award-winning Reservations Specialists now have the best available technology to boost reservations and increase revenue for our clients.

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