Properties Have Access to Powerful Cloud-Based Website Marketing Platform – Obtain Higher Results

Jacksonville, Fla. – (April 08, 2015) Vizergy – Digital Travel Marketing, the hospitality industry’s leading provider in hotel Internet marketing, celebrates cutting-edge advancements to its first-in-class, cloud-based marketing platform, providing clients with increased direct sales in the online marketplace.

Vizergy currently touts the foremost website marketing and management system in the hospitality industry and is proud to recognize ongoing improvements and upgrades that utilize dynamic content personalization, simplify search engine marketing and provide a variety of revolutionary tools that further bolster online conversions, amplify ease in usability and drive direct sales.

Recent algorithm updates have ensured that clients’ websites need to evolve with the times to deliver optimum performance in the major search engines. Other important technology version updates tightly integrate social tools, mobile capabilities, and most importantly, reporting and third-party data integration. These factors combined empower hospitality clients to truly understand which integrated marketing channels perform best in order to optimize and energize revenue.

The outstanding benefits of this holistic marketing system include full analytics integration, giving customers a dramatically improved understanding of data related to website visitors and the tools to deploy the most efficient use of budget spend. The state-of-the art, intuitive website marketing system offers attribution modeling for better understanding of conversion value, personalized content based on behavior to target the most relevant information for each visitor’s needs, as well as the ability to overlay STR data and additional third-party data to create a better understanding of how online advertising affects property performance.

“The success of this superior platform essentially boils down to our ability to help our clients achieve the most efficient use of technology to drive results,” said Addams England, VP of Information Technology for Vizergy. “Our company’s commitment to investing in software is substantial, enabling us to build the best technology in a cloud-based environment and ensure that each of our clients has access to the absolute best tools available for a very competitive price.”

“The Vizergy CMS platform is the most efficient system that I have used in the ten plus years that I have dedicated to online search marketing as a professional,” said Billy Jefferson, Senior Natural Search Analyst. “The platform has hands-down the cleanest markup available, allowing for maximum crawl and searchability in the major SERP’s and granularity of content communication, while utilizing the most current mobile-friendly attributes. The ease of use allows me to spend more time on research and efficiently deploy best practices.”

“Our web-based marketing system is so much more than a CMS; it’s a complete digital marketing toolkit to manage web presence in a multi-channel, information consuming world,” said Mike Murray, COO of Vizergy. “We believe that our clients have access to a website marketing juggernaut. The system allows for web and content distribution management optimized for search, mobile and social media, all wrapped around a dynamic planning system to ensure that strategies are technically and efficiently deployed to the fullest extent possible, saving clients time and money.”