Vizergy, the hospitality industry’s leading provider in digital marketing and software solutions, continues to innovate by expanding the native functionality of the Vizergy Marketing System (VMS).

This newest enhancement allows clients to optimize for voice search in an automated fashion using structured data, also known as schema markup.  The structured data, which is in the latest JSON-LD format recommended by Google, enables rich results for your website and is embedded into website code to help it become more easily discovered by search engines and help optimize your website content for voice search.

Voice search impacts SEO rankings and drastically improves user experience – and because of that, by the year 2020, half of all online searches will be made through voice search. Due to its prolific use, search engines such as Google are placing a higher emphasis on voice search optimization, now built natively in the Vizergy CMS.

Leveraging this technology of structured data, the Vizergy Marketing System & CMS feed Google the content that your guests are looking for from reviews, to questions, or FAQs about your property.

Vizergy’s President, Robert Arnold, says, “if you optimize your site for voice search now, you’ll likely be ahead of the competition and see strong voice search rankings that will effectively grow your brand long-term. Our continued investment in the VMS and our momentum around our customer data platform, TargetingHub®, is strong as clients continue to look for smarter ways to deploy marketing resources and capture new guests in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.”