Vizergy, the hospitality industry’s leading provider in digital marketing software solutions, continues to invest in its best-in-class Vizergy Marketing System (VMS) platform.

In 2018, Vizergy launched numerous upgrades to the functionality and connectivity of its marketing system, the VMS, to better position its client base for online success. The VMS is a robust client portal that allows a hotelier to access key data points and performance metrics to help them make better marketing decisions, understand competitive opportunities, and take timely action to capture more direct bookings. It is currently used by more than 1700 Vizergy clients and is the lifeblood of their digital marketing management efforts.

The platform contains layered functionality that pulls together Vizergy’s proprietary Content Management System with Adobe Analytics, Google My Business, IBM Watson, and several other platform integrations. The VMS platform allows a hospitality marketer to seamlessly access a variety of software solutions in one managerial environment, leveraging all of them to drive the very best online results.

The Vizergy Marketing System makes it easy for its clients to outperform competition and significantly improve direct bookings. Addams England, Vizergy’s Vice President of IT says, “Our clients need reliable data and learnings to really understand their online performance. We have solicited feedback from dozens of users in 2018 and adjusted our VMS development roadmap to meet their needs. We’ve improved upon what was considered the first and best client portal in our competitive space and made it even better.”

Vizergy’s Director of Client Marketing Services, Ross McAlpine, says, “having all of our client’s information in one place, and having actionable insights to help them do what’s most important: drive online bookings, is what sets Vizergy apart from its competitors. I have seen the VMS evolve and improve every year during my tenure here with Vizergy. It is a commitment to overall quality and our client’s success.”

Each quarter, Vizergy has diligently worked to improve their platforms and technology to remain ahead of the competition and ensure they keep their title as the leading provider of digital marketing software for the hospitality industry. Take a look back at the platform improvements made over the last year.


  • Vizergy releases the TargetingHub™ data platform
  • Campaign Detail – Lifetime Report
  • Distance from Location and Cookie Personalization Rules


  • TargetingHub™ Export Guest Feature Enhancement
  • VMS – Reply to Google My Business Reviews
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Embedded Google Maps
  • Custom 404 Page
  • ADA Compliance Optimization


  • TargetingHub™ ROI Reporting
  • Canonical Tags Now Use Absolute URLs
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • New Modal Popup Premium Widget
  • Password Reset Process Improvements
  • Colors & Styles Feature & Site Cloning Enhancement


  • New Site Templates: Cosmos & Equinox
  • Browser Scan Feature to scan websites
  • Calendar Widget Updates
  • Google My Business Enhancement

Leading into 2019, Vizergy is projected to focus their efforts on data platforms. To view full details on the VMS enhancements made in the past year, request a copy at [email protected].