Often times we see specials and packages continually repeated while searching for a hotel. If you’re getting tired of seeing the same promotions, so are your potential guests. So get creative with your offers and generate far more interest in your hotel – from both new and returning guests. Here are some ideas how you can do this:

Be “Something Different”

What can your hotel offer that others can’t? Work creatively with local businesses for the win-win, showcase amenities unique to your property, and offer the little extras that just may make the difference. All of these are sure to pique the interest of potential guests.

  • Local Partnerships – Partnering up with a local business is a great way to not only attract guests, but to network too. This gives your guests a more personalized experience and helps you foster relationships within your community. For example, you could set up a personal shopping experience with a local boutique or provide vouchers for dinner at a local restaurant.
  • In-House Amenities – Showcase your hotel amenities to help you stand out. If your property has on-site restaurants or bars, offer complimentary breakfast, or cocktail or dinner vouchers with a three-, or four-night stay. You could also offer your guests an opportunity to have a personalized itinerary crafted for them by one of your local staff members.
  • Personal Touches – A little goes a long way. Perhaps a personalized itinerary crafted by a staff member who knows the area well may intrigue your guests. And don’t hesitate to create some urgency with limited-time-only deadlines on these niceties to encourage potential guests to choose you!

Marketing Your “Something Different”

Developing your “Something Different” promotions is a good start. Now you need to get the word out. Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to do this. But with a little more effort, an Email Marketing campaign is a targeted way to make sure you’re generating interest from both new and repeat guests. Pay-Per-Click Advertising also ensures that your special offers are right in front of potential guests looking for just what you offer. Vizergy can help you with it all.

Let Vizergy Help

Our talented team of digital analysts and developers continually invent tools that set up your website, and your business, for success. And one of our recent creations has been designed with your special offers in mind. The new Offers Application automatically generates a specials landing page that can help boost your “Something Different” in the rankings through natural search – a powerful way to reel-in potential guests.