Brewer Digital Marketing, a leading provider of innovative hotel software tools that serve more than 10,000 hotels worldwide, announced the launch of The Raphael Hotel’s new website. This historic Kansas City boutique hotel is part of the Autograph Collection by Marriott International, and managed by Lighthouse Property Management.

While the hotel’s website was already performing relatively well, the ever-changing search landscape brought with it many new and untapped revenue opportunities. Lighthouse Property Management partnered with Brewer Digital Marketing to design and build a new website—focused on personalized guest experiences—with the hopes of driving higher engagement and better conversion.

“Always remember that the customer is the star, and personalizing content is what will make your hotel stand out in a very saturated space,” says Brad Brewer, CEO of Brewer Digital Marketing. “When your hotel’s website has the ability to sense and adapt to what each traveler wants, you’ll get more conversions, traffic, and repeat visitors—and overall happier customers. That’s exactly what we strive for when developing websites for our clients.”

Brewer Digital Marketing built the new website on their Hotel Marketing Web Platform, which leverages modern structured markup conventions and earns Rich Results in Search. The platform takes standard HTML web pages and turns them into searchable objects that can change and adapt based on a customer’s search intent.

Within a month’s time, the new site delivered the following results:

  • Web Traffic – The hotel’s web properties are saturating search results with new and increasingly relevant content that travelers find useful:

    • +20% in Google Search click-through rate
    • +77% in organic search traffic
    • +129% in local search traffic
  • Consumer Behavior – Visitors are finding the site relevant to their search intent:

    • +59% in sessions
    • +66% in pageviews
    • -51% in bounce rate
  • Online Conversion – Travelers are finding the hotel’s offerings fit their lodging criteria:

    • +10% in conversion rate
    • +20% in total conversions

“The results for The Raphael have been impressive and immediate since the launch of the new site,” said Steve Miller, Director of Operations, Lighthouse Properties, owner/operator of the hotel. “The progressive web app platform delivers relevant information more quickly than any of our previous sites – which we believe accounts in addition to structured markup for the increased traffic, and more importantly, bookings." Brewer Digital Marketing was able to achieve these results in a short period of time by following best practices in search and by using the latest structured data conventions for hotels, including Hotel Rooms, Restaurants, Events, Offers, and Tourist Attractions.