Enhanced functionality delivers at-a-glance actionable data directly to sales team inboxes

ARLINGTON, Va. — Sept. 27, 2023 — Knowland, the world’s leading provider of data-as-a-service insights on meetings and events for hospitality, announced Account Alerts, an enhancement to its core platform. The delivery of automated email alerts once a day helps sales teams save time, stay informed, and react early to revenue opportunities. Consolidated email notifications will be pushed to the user anytime recent account activity matches the individual filters set by the user.

Today’s analytics platforms focus heavily on pull intelligence, meaning users must enter a portal and pull the analyzed data on demand. Using push intelligence, Knowland Account Alerts delivers actionable data directly to the end user, giving them what they need when they need it to make key decisions. By receiving account booking insights proactively, users can better determine what accounts need attention, creating greater efficiency and increasing revenue.

•  Shift share and save time by increasing sales productivity – Sales teams and managers at both the property and above-property level will no longer have to search Knowland to see if their targeted accounts have recently met. Once-a-day emails are sent directly to salespeople, notifying them about current activities with the accounts that matter most.

•  Stay informed on lost and turned down business – Sales leaders will better understand when and where targeted accounts are meeting as soon as they become available in the Knowland platform. By following key accounts and identifying opportunities, sales managers can track lost business and see if a group they thought they had locked down is booking with a competitor.

•  Above-property insight – Above-property sales leaders will gain insight into enterprise sales teams to inform future sales strategies. Gaining account knowledge that provides data about targeted accounts as early as possible provides the competitive advantage needed to get ahead of future RFPs.

Jessica Carey, vice president of customer operations, Knowland, said: “Sales teams need access to potential and current customer data as soon as possible, without spending time searching for what they need. We have listened to our customers, and our ongoing innovation ensures they get what they need delivered directly to them. By utilizing push intelligence, we deliver the knowledge needed to support sales engagement strategies and drive new revenue.”