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Kennedy Training Network Inc. (KTN) announced today the topic for Doug Kennedy’s next training webcast, which this month features a hospitality theme: Train Your Team To Use The Language of Hospitality, scheduled for Monday, September 11 from Noon – 12:40pm. REGISTER HERE

According to Doug, “Interpersonal communication is always a challenge, especially in the lodging industry where we are dealing with different dialects and cultural differences. Plus, since the product is an emotionally based experience, language can sometimes trigger unintended reactions.”

Do you sometimes cringe when you hear your hospitality sales and service staff saying certain phrases to guests? Sign them up for KTN’s next webcast where they will learn how to replace common phrases with words that better convey the spirit of hospitality and create positive emotional responses.

Certainly, the intended service “style” is a bit different according to each hotel’s classification. For example, “lifestyle” and some “boutique” hotels might be striving for a more authentic, genuine, and perhaps even “hip” or “edgy” guest experience, whereas ultra-luxury hotels might reach for a more traditional, formalized guest communications style. No matter what your brand’s standards are, replacing these common phrases with words that better convey the spirit of hospitality will help create positive emotional reactions, increase guest satisfaction, and encourage positive online reviews. In this webcast, Doug will review commonly heard phrases along with better, more heartfelt alternatives for:

  • Commonly occurring hospitality conversations in the dining room, bar, and front desk.
  • Examples relating to hotel policies and procedures.
  • How to explain rates, availability, and restrictions.
  • Common phrases used in reservations conversations along with alternatives.
  • Examples relevant to text, chat, and email exchanges.

KTN’s live webcast series rotates between topics such as hospitality excellence, reservations, and hotel group/event sales. In creating this series, Doug draws from content from his on-site training programs and conference keynote presentations, while also featuring the latest training tactics from his monthly lodging industry training articles.

Those who register but cannot attend will receive a link to view the recordings. The target audience is anyone who is interested in upskilling themselves or others, and the topic areas are broad enough to be relevant for all sectors of the lodging industry.

“We are grateful to the generosity of our sponsors who have allowed us to offer complimentary admission,” said Kennedy. “It takes a lot of time to design, promote, and deliver these events, and so we would normally charge at least $99 registration per person, but this series is now completely free to all.”

Sponsors include: Travel Outlook, the only KTN Certified call center, Better Talent, a subscription-based talent acquisition company serving the lodging sector, and Track Hospitality Software, a TravelNet Solution, whose products include a PMS and CRM.

Complimentary registration can be accessed at Here are the dates for additional topics scheduled so far.

Proactive Prospecting: Sales Habits For Transitioning From Sales “Fishing” to “Sales Hunting”
Friday, October 20 (Noon EDT)

If all we as salespeople do is close incoming leads, we are “sales fishing.” Our “fishing pole” is connected to a line holding a hook. On the hook is the digital “bait,” which is our website presence, listing on CVENT or Wedding Wire, and/or the “ flag.” Once a prospect “bites,” sales fishers simply reel in the business. With increasingly smart AI and ChatGPT, the role of sales fishing will soon be replaced by automation, but Sales Hunters will surely always be in demand. However, sales requires a proactive approach to embracing new, daily sales habits. In this webcast, Doug covers highlights from KTN’s on-site hotel sales training and his numerous sales training articles and conference presentations including:

  • How to make proactive prospecting a daily habit.
  • Embracing your CRM’s “lead stream” today to create prospecting leads for tomorrow.
  • Retargeting lost business from previous inquiries.
  • Reaching out for referrals.
  • Research: The key to evolving from “cold calling” to “warm calling.”
  • How to say “no, we can’t” in a more positive way.
  • Tips for personalized prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • Using a “tech for touch” approach when prospecting.
  • How to be persistent but not pushy!

Hotel Reservations and Group/Event Sales:
Use a Storytelling Approach To Narrate The Pictures They Already Viewed Online
Monday, November 20 (Noon EDT)

Years ago, all that guests researching options had as resources were hotel brochures or rudimentary hotel websites consisting of a few pictures displayed on a fuzzy, low-resolution monitor.

Now, prior to calling or emailing your staff about booking an event or important stay, those who inquire directly have visited websites featuring extensive photo galleries, including dozens of pictures of even the most basic room types. What they don’t want to hear in conversations or read in emails is the same list of features they have already seen online as bullet points. This webcast shows participants how to use a storytelling approach that focuses on placing the guest and/or their event attendees at the heart of the story, helping them imagine themselves enjoying the features, amenities, and services located at the hotel and/or in the destination or location.

  • Using the “just for you” approach to engage multi-tasking callers and help them visualize the experience.
  • Expand your working vocabulary of visually and emotionally descriptive words so they can be used naturally and not sound scripted.
  • Offering needs-based recommendations, suggestions, and endorsements.
  • Using these and other techniques both in writing as well as during verbal conversations.
  • Storytelling selling techniques for creating urgency when callers hesitate to commit.

12 Steps to Reclaiming Your Spirit of Hospitality From The Grasp Of Cynicism
Monday, December 18 (Noon EDT)

As we look to the start of a new year and reflect on a string of several of the most stressful years in the history of the lodging industry, Doug offers us reminders of why we do what we do in this sometimes crazy business called the “hospitality industry.” Join in as Doug delivers a presentation that – while witty and fun – also provides some badly needed coping tools for all guest service and operations staff. As they say in virtually all 12-step programs, admitting you have a problem is the first step taken toward overcoming it. So if you have recognized that you may have become a bit more cynical about the traveling public in recent years, register now and come prepared to grab your white chip!

  • It’s okay to vent, but do so in a way that does not disrespect guests. Avoid ruminating.
  • Accept that guest complaints are a numbers game; the vast majority of guests come and go without incident, leaving satisfied and happy.
  • Understand that you work in a “memory factory.”
  • Use your “5G Positivity” to overpower the weak, analog signal of the negative personalities you will surely encounter.
  • Empathize before you apologize to defuse potentially explosive guest complaints.
  • Use your “power of release” to break the chain of negativity.
  • Gratitude is a superpower!

For additional details, contact KTN at [email protected] or by phone (01) 954.533.9130