2016 Hottest Hotel Tech startup signs NYC hotel group, adding 7 boutique hotels to its growing roster of clients.

New York, NY – The Amsterdam Hospitality Group (AHG), one of NYC’s premier boutique hotel ownership groups, has selected hotel communication system ALICE to “enhance guest service and […] combine efforts and procedures across all of our diverse hotel properties in an effort to guarantee the best possible guest experience,” according to Steven Goldman, Executive Vice President at AHG.

Like many similar sized hotel groups, AHG was looking for the best automation of its processes to better execute guest requests across its isolated departments and streamline communication across its growing properties. Specifically, they were looking for a way to unify all back of house and guest communication within a single system.

They were particularly drawn to ALICE for its ability to effectively handle both guest and staff communication across multiple departments. As explained by Goldman, “We are looking for software that will do it all. Instead of one department using it and only serving that particular type of guest [request], we are excited about a product that will allow all of our departments to interact with each other in a singular platform.”

While Goldman and his team explored a number of similar systems, they ultimately chose ALICE for its analytics, customizability and superior user experience. To Goldman, who oversees operations across all properties, the biggest benefit of using ALICE is to “pull metrics across all properties. We are also excited about customizing our user experience and working with [the] team.” Unlike other out of the box systems, ALICE is entirely built to measure and is customized to meet the needs of each and every property. Aside from an intuitive design, ALICE is not only more powerful, but also more affordable than most of the existing systems in the market.

While much of the technology in the space can feel cumbersome and antiquated, ALICE “certainly looks more user friendly and I think our staff will really like it. I like how simple in design and direction it is. Less is more when it comes to getting things accomplished across departments,” says Goldman. The ALICE team believe in infusing their service with hospitality-grade service, building technology that is as intuitive as it is powerful, and supporting their clients with 24/7 support. According to Goldman, “The user experience is great…super user friendly. We like the single platform aspect as well. The system does it all!”