ALICE’s guide provides tips for evaluating and purchasing the best hotel technology solutions.

NEW YORK, New YorkALICE, the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology company, has released “The Hotel Technology Buyer’s Guide: Top Tools to Support Lean Teams.” More than 2,500 hotels and thousands of hoteliers around the world have chosen ALICE to streamline operations and communication with a single platform.

The benefits of hotel technology software are as varied as the providers that are constantly innovating in the industry. Navigating the vast market of hotel technology solutions requires an understanding of what it can do for your hotel, endorsements from trusted hoteliers, and recommendations from complementary products. ALICE’s Buyer’s Guide highlights tools that support lean teams.

The guide includes product overviews for a range of hotel technology providers including Beekeeper, BeyondTV, React Mobile, SilverWare, and Volara. The interconnected nature of technology solutions enables hotels to operate more efficiently and deliver contactless, yet warm, hospitality.

“The need for technology in hotels has been apparent for the past decade, but COVID-19 has accelerated the acceptance of this by hoteliers worldwide,” says Alexander Shashou, ALICE’s President and Co-Founder. “There are so many fantastic products available for hoteliers, and with so many options, it’s hard to find the exact right fit for your hotel. That’s why we’ve created this guide — to help hoteliers ask the right questions, look for the right features, and explore, in our opinion some of the top products available in hotel technology.”

The ALICE platform offers hoteliers housekeeping, guest messaging, service delivery, guest services, and preventative maintenance tools to improve guest experience, boost guest satisfaction, and achieve operational excellence by connecting departments in one, easy-to-use platform.

Download a free copy of the Buyer’s Guide today to start learning about the top technology solutions to support your hotel’s lean team.