Hospitality Financial Leadership: Chapter Three – The Flags

David Lund | December 11, 2019

By David Lund The crap I must deal with never ceases to amaze me. The Stow sees many groups and we were preparing for an international political gathering and my country’s government was hosting the event. This meant lots of politics, decorum and protocol that all gets sorted out, or so to speak. It was nothing short of a cluster bomb and I had to stick-handle my team and the politicians. Our city and country have a colorful history and it is rich in its traditions and symbols. My phone rang late one afternoon as the summit was less than a week away. My secretary, notice I didn’t call her an assistant, she was a secretary and somewh...

Hospitality Financial Leadership: Hotel Franchise/Management Fees & 20 Years Is a Long, Long Time

David Lund | December 2, 2019

By David Lund Being a branded or franchised hotel is an expensive endeavor. Especially when you consider the average agreement is 20 years in duration and you’re on the hook for the fees outlined in your agreement plus anything else the management company throws at you. When I say on the hook, I mean they can literally charge you for whatever they want as long as they determine it is in your best interest. This is the basic concept that forms the meat of the management or franchise agreement. When you consider the cost of the fees there are some terms you will want to get familiar with. Terms that are part of your hotel management ...

Hospitality Financial Leadership: Chapter Two – Incompetence

David Lund | November 18, 2019

The chapter below is an excerpt from my new book. It’s fiction but some of the characters and story lines are based on people I have worked with and events that have taken place in the hotels I have worked in. The book is a fable about a hotel manager who has some very bad habits. He must change in order to survive and the book takes him and you through the lessons needed to be a great hospitality financial leader. I’m writing ahead each month so I’m not sure how the book will end. I hope you enjoy it and if you missed any earlier chapters you can find them on my website blog tab. The weekly executive committee meeting in my hote...

Hospitality Financial Leadership: Controlling Food Cost – Top 10 List

David Lund | November 11, 2019

By David Lund Food cost is a never-ending battle in a war that does not end. You can never take your foot off the gas, if you do you will slow down. When you slow down in the food cost world it is costly. Back in the day I cut my teeth as a receiver, F&B cost control clerk and ultimately an F&B cost controller. Here is my top 10 list of food cost control strategies you can either put in place, re-commit to doing, or ask yourself why it is not already being done.😊 Shop Around Check Your Receiving Lock it Up Menu Costings Embrace Contribution Margin Separation of Duties After Hours Invoice Approval ...

Hospitality Financial Leadership: The Ultimate Hotel P&L

David Lund | October 28, 2019

By David Lund I know a lot of people have some confusion and a slight frustration when it comes to the financial information that’s available in a hotel and the way it’s presented. The 11th edition of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) is rock solid in its acceptance and use in our industry for those who know about it and choose to use it. But what if there is a better way to look at the financial information that helps operators see their results (and better still their budgets and forecasts) in a different light? A light that shines on the various different levels of profitability by business type. ...

Sonnenblick-Eichner Company Arranges $13,750,000 of Construction and Interim Financing for L’Horizon Resort & Spa, Palm Springs, CA

Sonnenblick-Eichner Company | October 23, 2019

Beverly Hills, CA (October 23, 2019) -- Sonnenblick-Eichner Company has arranged $13.75 million in construction and interim financing for the world-renowned L’Horizon Resort and Spa, a full-service, luxury resort located in Palm Springs, CA. The five-year LIBOR-based loan provides funds to refinance the existing debt on the 25-room resort as well as for the ground-up construction of an additional 24 bungalow-style guestrooms on an adjacent parcel. Widely considered one of the premiere destinations in Palm Springs, L’ Horizon Resort and Spa was ranked #1 Resort in the United States in 2018 and #2 in the world in 2019, according to Co...

Avison Young Announces Recent 2019 Closings

Avison Young | October 10, 2019

ATLANTA –October 9, 2019 – Avison Young Hospitality Group announced that the firm recently closed several hotel transactions. A full-service hotel in Memphis, a Hyatt Place in Augusta GA and a Marriott hotel in Lancaster PA. The firm has 35 other transactions totaling 622 million dollars under sale agreement with expected closings throughout the 4th quarter 2019....

Hospitality Financial Leadership: How to Use 21-Point Flow Thru Inspection

David Lund | October 7, 2019

Just like your auto mechanic checks your car’s health you can completely review your hotel’s financial performance and get a clear reading on as many as 21 different flow thru performance points. Further to that you can even see what you need to do in most cases to correct the results! It’s what I call super revealing. And, the best point is you don’t need anyone’s help to do it because I’m going to give you the list! Flow thru is an essential concept to understand. If you are new to the idea read, my blog on flow first. Checking performance is a step-by-step exercise and we start at the most vit...

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