How Annette™, The Virtual Hotel Agent™, Solves the Hospitality Industry’s FAQ Chatbot Problems

No one enjoys speaking to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, but we do so when it’s necessary. In today’s digital world, interacting with IVR systems seems to be an increasingly necessary evil. But what if there was a next-generation voice bot that did away with the common frustrations associated with IVR systems? What if a voice bot could be as functional as an FAQ chatbot?

That’s where Annette comes in. Annette is a virtual call center agent powered by artificial intelligence that is designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Through Annette, hotels can combine the usefulness of a FAQ chatbot with the convenience of a IVR call system.

To find out how Annette, The Virtual Hotel Agent, goes Above and Beyond Standard FAQ Chatbots, continue reading below.

What is a FAQ Chatbot and why are they useful?

An FAQ Chatbot, as the name suggests, is a chatbot designed to answer a specific predetermined set of questions. Unlike IVR systems, FAQ chatbots are not voice bots, they are interactive features on websites.

FAQ chatbots are often preferred over a listed FAQ page onsite, because a potential customer doesn’t want to sift through dozens, if not hundreds, of FAQs and responses. Instead of searching your website, customers can interact directly with a chatbot and get an immediate response to their questions.

To use a traditional FAQ chatbot, customers type in their questions to receive one of several automated responses. If you ask a question outside of the FAQ chatbot’s set of programmed questions and answers, you will not receive a direct response. So, the effectiveness of your FAQ chatbot depends entirely on how many questions it can answer.

FAQ chatbots vs. Voice bots

Unlike chatbots, voice bots offer customers a conversational give and take that allows them to navigate through call and response. Voice bots are used by most businesses, including hotel call centers, that handle an enormous amount of call volume. They help a business funnel calls to the appropriate departments without utilizing manpower.

Like chatbots, voice bots have been limited in their performance capabilities. While traditional voice bots are effective tools for handling call volume surges, most customers dread voice bot interactions, in part, due to the limited amount of information they can provide. FAQ chatbots, on the other hand, can provide a plethora of information but are limited to impersonal text chats.

What separates Annette from the rest?

Annette is the voice bot of the future. Annette combines the usefulness of an FAQ chatbot with AI-powered voice bot technology. Annette can answer up to 100 FAQs chosen by the hotel. This means that Annette can answer property-specific FAQs, rather than just standard hospitality questions.

Additionally, hotels can personalize Annette using their own voice talent to create a truly personal call experience. Annette speaks multiple languages, and if she can’t answer a caller’s question, Annette will quickly transfer the caller to a live agent. After Annette wraps up a call with a potential quest, she can send a follow-up text when necessary. Unlike online FAQ chatbots, Annette feels personal, and her response time comes off as conversational, not robotic.

Annette isn’t just an FAQ chatbot, she’s the next generation of AI-powered technology designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Annette will not only replace any existing FAQ chatbot or IVR system, but she will save your hotel thousands of dollars by handling large call volumes with efficiency and ease.

Annette’s natural, conversational tone and customizable voice options won’t frustrate callers like traditional IVR call bots. Instead, customers with easy-to-answer questions. or simple tasks, will receive answers almost immediately. Customers with more complicated requests will be quickly transferred to a live agent.

Annette™, The Virtual Hotel Agent™ by Travel Outlook is here, and she’s solving the hospitality industry’s FAQ chatbot problems. Going above and beyond, Annette’s technology is allowing hotel guests to lead the conversation, delivering natural, human-like interactions, creating a better experience for valued clientele. Best of all, Annette affordably answers up to 60% of the calls for the front desk saving on fixed labor costs.