Minibar Systems, one of the world’s leading hospitality supply companies is pleased to announce new wireless automatic SmartTrays to drive guestroom revenue. Statistics prove that guestroom snacks can increase revenues and profits up to 40% with attractively displayed snacks which are driven by guests’ impulse sales. The beautiful presentation of quality snacks is hard to resist by guests and hotels can realize up to $2.00 revenue per room.

SmartTrays are available in several sizes including 2, 4, 8, and 12 sensors as well as custom sizes with unlimited sensor capacity. The wireless SmartTray can be placed anywhere in the guest room for maximum visibility and ease of access by guests. Each product sits on an infrared sensor for automatic billing to guest folios for maximum efficiency and revenue capture. When paired with a SmartCube fully automated minibar, most hotels can realize sales of over $2.50 per room and significant bottom line profits, not to mention happier guests.

Click to view and download our 2017 catalog of unique hotel guestroom products. Come see the wireless SmartTrays at HITEC 2017 in Toronto in booth #135.