Introducing the newly designed SmartCube Dual Wi-Fi – A fully automated minibar and fridge system for your guests

Rockville, MD – Minibar Systems is proud to present the newly designed SmartCube Dual minibar and fridge model which builds on the long-term success of our SmartCube product lineup. SmartCube has a modern, minimalist design and is the world’s most technologically advanced minibar featuring the first completely plug-and-play modular system and easy-to-use attendant refill tablets. It features a fully automated minibar and a personal use refrigerator for your guests, eliminating guests from storing personal items alongside retail products for sale inside the minibar.

The new SmartCube Dual is available in various design styles and comes standard with an advanced thermoelectric cooling system that consumes less energy than traditional cooling systems and operates quietly in the guestroom. Increasing levels of automation allow the hotel to customize the style and layout of the guestroom display for optimum sales and enticing product display. SmartCube continues to use highly efficient and reliable infrared sensing technology for accurate guest billing and inventory tracking with near-zero failure rate – the most reliable sensing system available in the market.  The modular plug-and-play design on the new SmartCube is a hotel engineer’s dream as it greatly reduces any required maintenance to simply change out any component completely and quickly without having to troubleshoot anything.  The smart S4 software system quickly identifies any non-communicating component on the minibar and notifies engineering in real-time.  Our ambient Wi-Fi SmartTrays have also been redesigned with multiple styles and finishes to compliment the minibar and to ensure that our client hotels continue to capture up to 50% of total sales from the snack tray sand can also be used as a stand-alone amenity.

“The new SmartCube Dual Minibar is another exciting and innovative product from Minibar Systems, a company well known in the global hospitality industry for innovation and responsiveness,” says Anthony J. Torano, President and CEO of Minibar Systems Worldwide.  “Hotels know they can count on us to provide them with excellent products and service to keep them operating at peak efficiency, profitability and guest satisfaction”. Please visit our website for more information on the new SmartCube Dual Minibar and our exciting minibars, fridges, and safes products for hotels.