Top ranked hospitality school program leverages industry-leading workforce management tools to demonstrate how advanced AI and automation can ensure high service quality, employee loyalty and appropriately staffed operations. 

DALLAS, TX — February 3, 2022 — UniFocus, the leading provider of Workforce Management Systems, is today proud to announce the donation of its labor management solutions as an educational resource for the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration. Widely recognized as one of the world’s leading educational institutions for hotel management, Cornell’s partnership with UniFocus will significantly provide future hospitality professionals with the expertise they need to successfully address the labor and service demand challenges of today and tomorrow.

“Cornell’s mission to provide aspiring hospitality professionals with knowledge on how to effectively manage the evolving workforce needs of the industry can only be fully achieved by offering them the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with using the latest technologies,” said Arthur Keith, General Manager at the Statler Hotel located at Cornell University. “UniFocus with its constantly evolving labor management solution continues to represent advanced capabilities allowing hoteliers to make swift, yet informed decisions leading to heightened guest experiences while ensuring the wellbeing and active engagement of hotel staff. As a result, we are extremely pleased to add the company’s platform to our on-campus property where it will serve as a high-value learning experience able to prepare future hospitality leaders with the insight they need to maintain adaptive and successful hotel operations.”

Key features of the UniFocus labor management platform that Cornell students can now experience for themselves include the solution’s autonomous ability to forecast expected service demand by the hour and by department to always ensure appropriate coverage.  Using UniFocus technology as a learning experience, other capabilities that students can discover include:

•  Implementing a flexible scheduling strategy that ensures a content and loyal workforce without experiencing lapses in service quality.

•  Developing advanced productivity standards that can be continuously assessed for labor management improvement opportunities.

•  Leveraging UniFocus system analytics to identify areas where guest service can be heightened as well as to accurately align budgeting processes with projected demand using multi-variable forecasts.

•  Consistently applying appropriate labor parameters based on demand to sidestep the risk of under or over staffing while ensuring high-level service quality and maximum revenue optimization.

“Whether a veteran or newcomer to the industry, hospitality professionals need to understand how they can keep pace with the ever-changing expectations of both guests and employees as well as the constant evolution of labor laws impacting operations if they wish to maintain an efficient, competitive and profitable business,” said Mark Heymann, CEO of UniFocus. “We are very honored that Cornell has agreed to work with us. The advantage of our labor management technology is that it addresses the needs of guests and hotel staff alike, and we look forward to serving as a valuable resource for Cornell students as they seek to learn the industry’s best practices.”