ATLANTA, GA – April 5, 2023 – Carver, the hospitality infrastructure powerhouse with more than 3,500 Task Force consultants, has announced the release of Phase II CARVER mobile app.  Launched in 2022, Phase I focused on consultants; newly launched Phase II will focus on bringing client interaction with Carver and industry leading reporting capabilities.

Phase II will allow hotels and management companies to:

  • Request Task Force Consultants in Real Time
  • Review Current and Previous Assignments, Positions and Service Dates
  • Extend Current Task Force Assignments
  • Manage Consultants by Hotel, Management Group and Regions
  • Provide Real Time Feedback on Consultants
  • Submit Billing Requests
  • Approve Expense and Billing Authorizations
  • Request W-9

This phase allows clients to be able to easily access and approve expense reports as they are uploaded by consultants.

The CARVER app is designed to make communication and exchanges between clients and consultants easier than ever before. With consultant profiles, schedules, and expense reports all in one tool, this industry-changing application gives both clients and consultants one space for all their administrative needs so that they can spend more time doing what they do best in the hospitality industry.  CARVER the Mobile App is available for current Carver consultants and hotel clients to download beginning today from the App Store or Google Play.  Any clients interested in obtaining a license for this amazing tool should email us at [email protected] or call us at (404) 254-3130. More information on Carver may be found at

“An all-in-one application like the CARVER app does not currently exist in our industry,” said Carver CFO Susan Hart. “We’re very excited to bring another Carver first that will help us connect more clients to more consultants, more quickly than ever before.”