JACKSONVILLE, FL – Vizergy® is excited to announce the release of a new industry whitepaper, written by Tim Henthorn, CEO of Accubase Inc., that discusses TargetingHub™ and how the solution makes a data driven omni channel approach to marketing easier for hoteliers and marketers across industries.

Henthorn prefaces the whitepaper by saying “The Vizergy® Marketing System and TargetingHub™ represent a next generation marketing platform – enabling hotels to manage guest data, design advertising campaigns, reach similar prospective customers and measure omni-channel performance.”

TargetingHub takes a complex marketing issue and simplifies it by accelerating the path to finding new guests from digital channels by turning data into actions that engage customers, improve conversions, and deliver more relevant content.

“TargetingHub simplifies omni-channel marketing, leveraging data assets and bringing high-return direct channels within reach as a viable consumer business throttle," said Vizergy CEO, Joe Hyman. "Our clients can simply and quickly identify guests that are most likely to book and launch specific campaigns designed for those data sets. Conversion soars, new customers are found, and profits are maximized".

Businesses today are challenged with the proper use (and misuse in some cases) of their data. TargetingHub shows marketers how using their data can help them grow revenue from assets that they already own.

Henthorn concludes in the whitepaper that TargetingHub is a market leading solution designed to bridge the gap between leveraging data assets and campaign deployment. The quantifiable value and core benefits that TargetingHub offers include:

  • Accessibility of improved information for making better advertising decisions
  • Reduction in time required to launch a campaign, stemming from:
    • Access to highly relevant insights about prospects
    • A robust selection of pre-defined, relevant campaign ideas
  • Improved communication across revenue and marketing teams
  • Heightened ability to measure campaign performance across channels and customer segments

Read the whitepaper today!

For more information or to schedule a demo of Targetinghub, visit targetinghub.com or contact Vizergy at [email protected].