Frankfurt am Main, October 4, 2016 – Steigenberger Hotels AG is a traditional company set for international growth. The company intends to tap into new markets. To do this, it is changing its brand architecture and consolidating its three hotel brands into one umbrella brand: Deutsche Hospitality. Puneet Chhatwal, CEO of Steigenberger Hotels AG, says: “These two words combine our German roots and our international vision. The new umbrella brand is a vital lever that will unleash dynamism, help us to expand internationally, and drive innovation.”

Deutsche Hospitality unites three hotel brands under one name: Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts represent luxury and ultimate hospitality; Jaz in the City, with its pioneering concept, is young, urban, and close to the pulsating life of the city; and InterCityHotels are at the heart of the most beautiful cities in Germany with the best connections to important transport hubs. This makes Deutsche Hospitality a strong umbrella brand which can be home to additional hotel brands in the future. The international sound of its name lays the perfect foundations for expanding into new locations.

The new umbrella brand is a clear acknowledgment of the hotel group’s brand values: Deutsche Hospitality is an international and dynamic brand family that is characterized by attributes such as passion, perfection, caring, tradition, and vision. Deutsche Hospitality positions itself as an excellent host and an attractive employer that wows its staff across the globe.

A total of 116 hotels in twelve countries and on three continents are part of the Deutsche Hospitality umbrella brand. 20 of these hotels are under construction or in the planning stage.

Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts’ portfolio comprises 56 fascinating locations around the world. The brand represents luxury and ultimate hospitality. From historic buildings with a long-standing tradition to lively city residences right through to spa oases with amazing natural surroundings –there is an extensive range of hotels with distinctive Steigenberger flair. The Steigenberger Hotel Köln in Cologne and the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Istanbul (Turkey) are the latest hotels to have opened. Two hotels outside of Europe – the Steigenberger El Tahrir in Cairo and the Steigenberger Alcazar in Sharm el-Sheikh (both in Egypt) – are set to follow this year.

The first Jaz in the City hotel opened at the end of 2015 in Amsterdam and offers its guests lifestyle at its best. The exciting new concept has a young and urban vibe, and the hotel is close to the pulsating life of the city. The brand combines design, music, and indulgence for a thrilling experience. Spontaneous music performances in the lobby turn the hotel into a stage and make the guests’ stay an event in itself. And Jaz in the City has even more to offer: A cool and modern room design, perfect service, and the latest trends from the local food and drinks scene. Guests will also be greeted with the latest technology: they can check in and out and open the room doors with a smartphone app. The second Jaz hotel will open in Stuttgart in spring 2017.

The 39 IntercityHotels are situated at the heart of the most beautiful cities in Germany and other international destinations. The modern city hotels provide superior midrange comfort and are all just a few minutes’ walk from central transport hubs such as train stations or airports. As an extra special treat, hotel guests can use local public transport for free with the FreeCityTicket, offering them all-round mobility. In July 2016, the first IntercityHotel outside of Europe opened in Salalah in Oman. New hotels in Qingdao (China), Brunswick, and Duisburg (both in Germany) are set to open in the coming months.

The changes will only affect the external appearance of the hotel group. All of its companies, such as Steigenberger Hotels AG, IntercityHotel GmbH, and Jaz Hotel GmbH, will keep their registered names and the shareholder structure will not change.