San Diego (August 10, 2016) – Paradise Point Resort & Spa, a Destination Hotel, which launched ALICE‘s guest solution in June, has seen immediate results, with more than 250 guests downloading the ALICE app in a single month. Together, these guests have placed almost 500 requests in food and beverage orders through the platform.

Guests are loving the hotel’s Caveman Pizza and Barefoot Bar & Grill, delivering food after order – and with ALICE it has never been easier. In-room dining and resort/concierge services have been a huge hit with guests through the hotel’s new app on the 44-acre island. In just one month, the hotel has already covered its yearly cost for the ALICE Guest solution.

Ellie Wei at Paradise Point said, "ALICE’s solution provides not only cost savings, but also helps drive guest satisfaction – and, clearly, revenues as well. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to more great results in the months ahead!"

“We are delighted with the success Paradise Point has achieved with ALICE in such a short time” said Madelyn DePrey, ALICE Customer Success Manager for the property. “The pace of adoption and immediate ROI proves that all the hard work the hotel team is doing to deliver the best guest experience is paying off – quickly.”

Alongside the ALICE Guest app, Paradise Point is leveraging ALICE’s staff software for package tracking, VIP amenities booked by the sales team, and posting daily hotel updates across their departments.