Budgeting season is a time to analyze your hotel’s marketing and technology initiatives from the previous year and set a new plan in action to start off 2020 on the right foot. When putting together your budget, think about upgrades your property needs to make regarding your digital technology and marketing strategy.

It’s important to have an idea of where the industry is heading and keep forecasted trends for the upcoming year in mind when deciding how you want to allocate your marketing dollars. Budgeting should be looked at as more of an action plan to give your hotel a clear picture of where your money will be going each month and throughout the year. Ultimately, it will help you achieve the goals that your business is working toward and can help you realize success.

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· Industry Happenings: Read about four things happening in the industry that could impact your 2020 budget.

· Traveler Trends and Behaviors: Learn what’s new with traveler behaviors and how you can adapt your budget to focus on their needs.

· Action Plan for Creating Your 2020 Budget: Receive recommendations for key marketing initiatives including SEO, SEM, Content, and Online Media.