Hotel promotional landing pages specifically tailored for major holidays and local demand drivers

Lodging Interactive, an award-winning digital marketing, reputation management, and social media engagement agency exclusively serving the hospitality industry since 2001, in a groundbreaking move, is proud to announce the launch of Commingle360, an evolutionary service designed to transform social media engagement into direct hotel bookings and revenue. Addressing long-standing challenges in the hospitality industry, Commingle360 offers a suite of integrated solutions to ensure hotels never miss out on crucial revenue opportunities, especially during high-demand seasonal and holiday periods.

Commingle360 provides hotels with promotional landing pages specifically tailored for major holidays and local demand drivers and makes them easily accessible through its unique ‘HoteLINK’ social media connector. This innovative approach not only enhances the digital guest experience from social media interaction to on-site engagement via QR codes, but also streamlines the booking process with seamless integration into the hotel’s booking engine.

“Commingle360 enables properties to effectively market their promotions through socially connected landing pages, in order to convert social media posts into bookings,” said DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder and CEO. “With our integrated technology approach and full account management services, hotels will always be ready to capture revenue from seasonal and local demand drivers regardless if their brand website enables them to do so or not.”

Commingle360 also includes a wedding event lead generation module, which delivers warm RFP leads from social media platforms. Through the integration of its HoteLINK service and social media marketing automation technologies, event RFPs are captured 24/7 and delivered to hotel sales teams for personalized follow up.

“We’ve developed Commingle360 to be the ultimate marketing partner for hotels looking to amplify their social media engagement efforts. From easy integration with existing marketing programs, whether in-house or through third-party agencies, to providing QR codes for on-property guest engagement, Commingle360 is set to redefine how hotels generate revenue via social media platforms,” added Mr. Vallauri.

For more information on how Commingle360 can elevate your hotel’s social media engagement and revenue, visit and click on the ‘Book a Demo’ button to schedule a demo.