Orlando, FL — July 24, 2013 — Flip.to is the brand advocate platform for hotels, helping Nickelodeon Suites Resorts boost brand awareness and earn new guests with the help of their most trusted, untapped marketing source – their guests. Since going live with Flip.to in June, guests of Nickelodeon Suites Resort have spread the word about their stay to over 90,000 of their closest friends, relatives and colleagues.

In the first month, Flip.to has helped Nickelodeon Suites turn 27% of their guests into trusted advocates. Each advocate shared a branded message with a unique link about the resort with their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Those unique links drove over 2,700 unique visitors back to the Nick’s website, which was dynamically personalized by Flip.to for each and every visitor.

Tony Aslanian, Director of Sales & Marketing for Nickelodeon Suites Resorts, commented, “We were looking for new ways to reach new pools of customers. Flip.to provided us the opportunity to vastly grow our reach and significantly increase the unique visitors to our website in a short time with minimal effort on our part.”

“Nickelodeon Suites wanted to drive more people to their website. Flip.to expanded the Nick’s reach to social connections around the world in a natural, trusted way. Those new visitors to their website are better than your ordinary anonymous visitor. These folks visiting their site have learned about the resort from a trusted source, whether it was their college roommate or their Aunt Sally,” says Kristi White, VP of Global Sales Strategy for Flip.to. “These connections create a deeper affinity for the hotel with the new visitors. This leads to more bookings on the hotel’s website.”

To find out more about how Flip.to can help create a significant, measurable impact for your hotel, please get in touch with Kristi White at [email protected] or visit www.flip.to.