INTEREL’s Energy Management Meets Water Management at the 2016 HTNG Techovation Awards

/INTEREL’s Energy Management Meets Water Management at the 2016 HTNG Techovation Awards

INTEREL’s Energy Management Meets Water Management at the 2016 HTNG Techovation Awards

|2016-02-25T08:16:27-05:00February 25th, 2016|

Dubai, February 2016: INTEREL, the world's fastest-growing manufacturer of integrated room technologies in the luxury, upper scale and cruise line hospitality industry, has officially entered its new TCP/IP-based Water Management System into the HTNG North American Conference 2016 TechOvation Award competition taking place on Tuesday March 1 at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort.

"For a number of years, hoteliers around the world have focused on reducing their properties' energy consumption and costs to make their operations greener and more sustainable, and we see great results in this space. However, water consumption remains a huge challenge for hotels." Said Florian Gallini, Group CEO of INTEREL.

On average, an overnight guest staying in a luxury hotel consumes 300-1,400 litres of water depending on usage profile and geographic area. Through INTEREL's new online guest room water management solution, a hotel will be able to save substantial amounts of water and therefore decrease overheads every year while enhancing the guest's comfort and experience.

INTEREL’s TCP/IP-based water management system deeply impacts hotels' sustainability programs with the opportunity to significantly enhance a property's profitability." He added.

INTEREL's new TCP/IP-based Water Management System allows guests to have instant control over the water flow and temperature in their room. This means they can select personal water preferences with the simple touch of a button, instead of struggling with adjusting unknown basin and shower faucets till they find their preferred temperature. Through the integration with the INTEREL online Guest Room Management System, different maximum water temperatures can be predefined based on guest or housekeeping presence in the room. The controls also allow guests to select their preferred settings, and the 'Eco' mode automatically selects the most water and energy-efficient settings, allowing guests to contribute to the hotel's sustainability program even further.

Hotels benefit from significant water and energy savings, access to online real time water consumption data, as well as fewer leaks and a longer life for the property's plumbing infrastructure, as pipes within the room are no longer required to be under pressure. Along with these advantages comes a saving on the cost of the plumbing infrastructure of each room, during the construction period of the hotel.

“As an active vendor member of HTNG, INTEREL has repeatedly experienced the industry impact and value delivered by our consistent involvement in the HTNG global events. Our continued participation in the HTNG TechOvation Awards has been a tremendous global momentum builder for our firm and a strong validation for our connectBsmart™ “beacons as infrastructure” enabled Guest Room, Energy and now Water Management solutions.” Gallini concluded.


“Providing innovative technology and design leadership in integrated room solutions.”

Based in Dubai with R&D and manufacturing facilities in Italy, INTEREL is the fastest- growing manufacturer of integrated room technologies and energy conservation systems in the luxury hospitality industry – with a footprint across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

With its vast experience in the hospitality industry, INTEREL is an approved supplier with more than 15 of the world’s leading hospitality and leisure organizations. 

The company’s online room management system offers highly innovative and intelligent solutions for the modern hotelier. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and uniquely simplified design, the system allows hotel operators to optimize their energy monitoring and consumption, and to deliver a greater guest experience.

INTEREL’s room technology features a wide variety of Italian-designed wall-mounted and tabletop guest panels that allow for a high level of customization to suit individual hotel and brand standards. In addition, the room management system seamlessly integrates with third-party RFID door locks, is enabled with TCP/IP communication at room level, and features cross-platform mobility solutions with interfaces to all leading mobility hospitality providers.

The company’s latest innovation, the ‘connectBsmart’ Bluetooth beacon network, was voted the most innovative technology in the hospitality industry at the Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) 2015 TechOvation Awards. It enables brands and hoteliers, when deploying the INTEREL guest room management solution, to seamlessly install and efficiently manage a future-proof, smart Bluetooth beacon infrastructure throughout the property, which provides a turnkey platform for their mobile hospitality service strategies and guest experience visions.

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