Montreal, Quebec – Verdant is proud to announce a new collaboration with LG Electronics, U.S.A.’s Air Conditioning Technologies that allows for seamless integration of Verdant’s energy management thermostats with the LG Multi V™ VRF series product line available in the United States.

Whereas some other HVAC controls rely on costly third-party adaptors to achieve such integrations, the collaboration between Verdant and LG ensures a native integration using LG’s VRF InDoor Unit protocol, preserving the full benefits of thermostat and VRF system alike.

“We estimate that over 25 percent of new construction projects in our core markets will be using VRF technology this year,” said Michael Serour, Vice President of Commercial Markets at Verdant.

“Partnering with LG to provide a turnkey energy management thermostat for their VRF system ensures that our customers continue to be able to install the best energy management system available, no matter the system type.”

Verdant’s fully wireless network, combined with its native integration with LG VRF indoor units, provides hospitality, multifamily, and other commercial building owners a plug-and-play solution that can be deployed quickly and without the need for hard-wired networking infrastructures typically found with other systems, thereby reducing installation costs and lost revenue due to construction.

According to a review of new developments currently in the pipeline, an estimated 50 percent of hotels being built in 2021 are in states requiring occupancy-based thermostats to facilitate compliance with building codes IECC 2018 and Title 24. That number is anticipated to grow as more states adopt increasingly energy-efficient building code standards.

“The combination of LG’s Multi V™ VRF systems and Verdant thermostats means our mutual customers can benefit from two industry-leading technologies that emphasize energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort,” said Carl Barnard, Director- Controls Sales, LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA, based in Alpharetta, GA.

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