INDIANAPOLIS, IN – July 1, 2021 – Bob Kobek, President of Mobius Vendor Partners (MVP), creator of the  CustomerCount®  online feedback management system and Scott Frey, CEO of PossibleNOW have announced an intent to integrate the MyPreferences consent and preference management platform into a new CustomerCount enhanced service. This service will be offered as a part of the CustomerCount pre-check in survey.

Bob Kobek

CustomerCount collects, measures and reports customer feedback through branded, customized online surveys. These surveys are formulated to measure the quality of the customer experience in more than 40 languages. CustomerCount feedback systems may be integrated into most any customer interaction ranging from point of original contact to post-trip experience and every touch point in between.  Kobek adds that “Our goal is to help our clients better understand their customer trust – how to measure it accurately, what experiences reinforce it, what breaks it and the different categories of value it brings to businesses.”

Trust has long been regarded an emotional foundation of interpersonal relationships; and there is a similar correlation between consumer trust and the financial performance of companies. Even in this era of mistrust and doubt, many consumers willingly share personal information with companies they trust.  The ability to foster trusting relationships with customers is becoming a significant competitive advantage to companies that consumers trust to protect their data, use it to personalize experiences and deliver improved levels of service.

PossibleNOW collects zero-party data from customers (e.g., explicit first-party data such as consent, preferences, and insights that customers freely share with a brand) to provide companies clear insight into their needs, interests, and attitudes. We build trust by collecting this data with full transparency to the consumer and providing them control to view, edit, or delete their data anytime they wish.

Along with its partner, PossibleNOW, MVP is eying the potential to create a repeatable dynamic process that reinforces trust in customer-brand relationships where fostering trust encourages customers to share data directly with a brand to provide its marketers with key insights to design and deliver more personalized, relevant customer experiences. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, heightened trust, and a greater willingness to share more data, which helps to improve customer experiences.

With a goal to reliably measure the current trust sentiment of individual customers, MVP measures brand and attitudes toward data-value exchanges and merges that with traditionally measurable business outcomes such as engagement, loyalty, transaction spend and frequency, advocacy/NPS and satisfaction to name a few areas.  Weighing the outcomes of trust sentiment against variable outcomes of satisfaction levels, CustomerCount’s software then delivers a trust score.

Along with measuring the amount of trust, the software produces data that can be used to accurately predict both how levels of trust change over time as well as the behaviors associated with a high level of brand trust.

“Through our initiative with Mobius Vendor Partners, we will be able to turn consolidated survey data about customer experience into more complete and actionable insights at the individual customer level, says Scott Frey, CEO of PossibleNOW. “This enhanced insight can be used to better meet customer expectations and enhance trust. We call this reciprocity of value or giving customers value in return for sharing personal insights about themselves.”