Hotel Wailea, Hawaii’s only luxury adults-only resort, has selected ALICE to enhance their internal communication and align their staff task management within the most exclusive retreat community on Maui. ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. Last year, ALICE acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offering.

Prior to implementing ALICE, Hotel Wailea used radios for communication across their 15 tropical acres and printed checklists to assign staff work. However, communicating only by radio created many obstacles for Hotel Wailea’s staff. First, this method challenged accountability because there was no written or time-stamped documentation on tasks. Second, due to the constant radio chatter, the front desk would turn the volume down on the radio to avoid guests overhearing. Because of this, the housekeepers and maintenance staff had difficulty contacting the front desk as they would not hear the radio calls. Finally, housekeepers would utilize the in-suite phones to contact the front desk, which increased call volume for agents and hampered productivity.

Now, all guest requests and internal work orders are placed by staff directly into ALICE. Each department has easy access to internal work orders and guest requests, and staff members can see who is responsible for a specific task and receive real-time status updates through to completion. “It was definitely an eye-opener for our front desk to see how many housekeeping & maintenance requests were made daily,” said Chris Mitsumura, Hotel’s Wailea’s Director of Operations. “With the implementation of ALICE, the ability to monitor and manage all requests in real time, allows for better communication via staff and guests. This also gives management the opportunity to adjust procedures to become more efficient, by retrieving accurate data upon demand”.

Employees on property appreciate how easy it is to use ALICE, and how fast communication has become between staff members. Management has also noticed a decrease in guest complaints, “Our guest reviews have always been excellent, however, one thing we’ve noticed is we have virtually eliminated any complaints about housekeeping and maintenance service,” highlights Mitsumura. “The overall fluidity of our communications has improved immensely, which correlates directly with our guest feedback.”

ALICE has additional benefits for Hotel Wailea beyond aligning staff on property. Hotel Wailea overlooks three Hawaiian islands and has an abundance of activities for their guests to indulge in, including complimentary Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing Tours and Tropical Mixology classes. With ALICE, the staff can now create itineraries that allow for a “more professional experience for our guests and keeps them informed on all the details for their bookings,” comments Mitsumura.