Guest profile technology provider develops all-in-one customer data platform, featuring comprehensive analytics and visual representations that allow hoteliers to instantly identify the ideal stay experience for each guest.

Alpharetta, GA — December 14, 2021 — Zoox Smart Data (“Zoox”), an international provider of technological solutions that harness big data to build customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks, has today announced the launch of Zoox Eye, an advanced big data platform providing hoteliers with an intuitive and fully comprehensive analysis of each individual guest. With Zoox Eye, hotel employees can effortlessly review and interpret all relevant analytics to create personalized experiences that maximize guest satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Zoox Eye features user-friendly dashboards to provide hotel staff with a visual representation of data collected in real-time that is leveraged to uncover individual guest behaviors and preferences. Using a combination of graphs, charts and maps, Zoox Eye eliminates the need to analyze raw numbers and instead presents information in a way that is easily digestible and instantly actionable. The solution also integrates with a range of property systems and provides the ability to automatically upload information into a data lake, which serves as a single source for all guest and market data intelligence. With each dataset converted into more manageable and intuitive visual representations, Zoox Eye capabilities include:

  • Instant access to guest profiles, featuring details on income, online searches, purchase history and more
  • Graphs and charts providing insight into a hotel’s overall guest demographic, including age, gender, average length of stay, plans and products purchased, and booking inquiries by geographic location
  • Interactive maps displaying a region’s current market performance such as average sales and income, as well as the number of properties and details on what a region is known for among travelers
  • Ability to launch highly-targeted campaigns using guest profile analytics and market data intelligence to maximize sales conversions and boost satisfaction rates
  • Flow maps demonstrating the types of services and businesses that guests seek out when visiting a region

“Experience personalization has become a leading competitive factor in attracting guest reservations but to be successful, hoteliers don’t just need access to data intelligence, they need to be able to quickly understand and act on the information while it still remains relevant to identifying individual expectations,” said David Tyre, VP of Business Development – North America for Zoox. “With Zoox Eye, we are empowering hoteliers with the means to finally overcome this frequently experienced challenge, and look forward to providing them with the instant actionable insight required to always deliver unparalleled experiences resulting in enhanced guest loyalty.”

For more details on the full range of Zoox Eye capabilities and for further information on the suite of smart data solutions made available by Zoox, please visit