Workforce communications tool is a must-have for celebrating employee successes, onboarding new staff, posting daily events and making everyone an integral part of the 1 Hotels family

SAN FRANCISCO, CA MARCH 8, 2018 – Eco-chic brand 1 Hotels has been experiencing great success with internal team communication since it launched the digital workforce platform Beekeeper. Today three properties are using this tool as the hub of its internal communications operation, and each is finding new uses for staff engagement. Managers at 1 Hotel Central Park, located at 1414 6th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, say Beekeeper is engaging – and even addicting – noting that staff enthusiasm is skyrocketing.

“As general manager of 1 Hotel Central Park, I’m big on celebrating successes,” said Hans Schaepman. “Transparency in communication is key; making sure that no one is 'left behind,’ so to speak. Whenever we have a team member that does something special or is consistent in what they do well, we celebrate it on Beekeeper. Sharing successes isn’t always easy when operating a 24/7 business because not everyone has the same shifts. With Beekeeper, everyone receives the same information regardless of when they are working, day or night. Only when there is strong communication will a hotel be able to create exceptional memories for our guests. Beekeeper assures transparency, consistency and the total dissemination of critical staff and guest information.”

Beekeeper digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform. Beekeeper connects colleagues across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop devices, and includes an intelligent analytics dashboard to help companies improve internal communication and streamline business processes. Secure, automated, and relevant information is readily distributed, searchable, and measurable in one central hub for an efficient digitized workflow.

Summing Beekeeper Up in One Word While some properties rely on Beekeeper for crisis and task communications, 1 Hotel Central Park places a big emphasis on the human resources and team-building aspects of the solution. Several of the management team at 1 Hotel Central Park are describing Beekeeper in just one word.

For Director of People Operations Louie Shapiro, Beekeeper is “EASY.”

“Beekeeper is especially easy for onboarding new employees,” he said. “It lets me create a new profile for each staff member, complete with their photo and personal information about their passions and special interests so other team members can quickly get to know them. In a sense, Beekeeper is a personal-broadcasting antenna.”

Colleen Kerrigan, in Conference Services, calls Beekeeper is “ENGAGING.”

“Working in a service industry without Beekeeper felt a little bit like being left in the dark,” Kerrigan said. “Now that I am with 1 Hotels and have access to Beekeeper, I feel so much more informed and engaged with the company.

“Beekeeper is 100 percent the most important tool that we have at this hotel to help us operate,” she said. “It’s absolutely engaging! This tool makes us all feel like we’re really a part of one big family – the 1 Hotels family. Beekeeper not only helps 1 Hotels to be a great place to work, but it also enables us to provide a better experience for our guests.”

Proud Partnership “We are thrilled to be hearing such terrific accolades from our 1 Hotels customers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami,” said Connie Rheams, Beekeeper’s global head of hospitality sales. “1 Hotel Central Park is especially happy with Beekeeper. They use it for their ‘morning rally’ to share pre-shift information, like announcing daily VIP arrivals and reviewing other pertinent information that is needed for the day. They use it to post the Concierge ‘Tip of the Day’ and share photos and snippets of new happenings in the city or new venues visited. And, they use it to share stories and creative ideas that reinforce the mission-driven ethos of the 1 Hotels brand, celebrating nature, doing good and making sustainable choices. Each new use-case makes Beekeeper that much more valuable to other properties.

‘We love hearing our customers explain how Beekeeper is changing their workplace experiences and greatly improving guest service,” she said.