By Daniel Craig

Hoteliers, are you ready for the Covid-19 recovery traveler?

In this time of struggle for the travel industry, we can’t help but acknowledge the irony. Are hotels, after working so hard to build reputations as high-touch, warm and intimate, going to become faceless, hands-off, sterile environments?

How will hoteliers uphold guest satisfaction while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of guests and staff?

In my next webinar with ReviewPro, From High Touch to No Touch: Transforming the Guest Experience Post Covid-19, we’ll discuss how hotels around the world are implementing new health, safety and social-distancing protocols to keep travelers safe and give them the confidence to book.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the new traveler mindset
  • Implementing protocols for health, hygiene and social distancing
  • Keeping guests, prospects and employees informed and reassured
  • Maintaining high guest satisfaction while offering limited services
  • Leveraging technology to move from high-touch to no-touch hospitality
  • Building your reputation as a safe, clean and stress-free haven

Click here to register. Note that this webinar is scheduled at a special time to reach listeners in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, but if you sign up you’ll receive a link to watch the recording on demand after the broadcast.