The independently owned, family-operated 67-room Midtown Manhattan boutique hotel opted for Mews to unlock more revenue and operational efficiency.

[NEW YORK – 26th of October] Mews, a leader in hospitality technology, has been selected by The Gotham Hotel to manage their upscale rooms and suites while catering to the needs of the luxury traveler.

The Gotham Hotel occupies a slender, high-rise structure once home to the famous Gotham Book Mart bookstore, which inspired the hotel’s name. Located in Midtown East, the hotel’s communal terraces, larger-than-life rooms, and suites with private balconies were all designed to reflect New York City sophistication.

“Our previous PMS was very limited in terms of reporting. We wanted access to guest analytics in order to understand travel habits,” said Dante Fowler, Assistant General Manager at The Gotham Hotel. “With Mews, we’ll finally be able to get that info and start unlocking more revenue. Our goal is to become more organized and operationally successful.”

“With their ambitious vision to personalize every service, The Gotham Hotel shows just how much technology can add to the guests’ stay while empowering teams to work more efficiently,” said Matt Welle, Mews CEO. “It will be exciting to watch them discover new avenues of revenue, boosting their performance to a whole new level.”

Unlimited connectivity was another deciding factor in choosing Mews. The Gotham Hotel team relies on integrations such as QuickBooks and Canary Technologies to ensure a smooth operational flow. In the boutique segment, elevating personable service is key to ensuring loyalty – from addressing guests by name to offering preferential check-in and complimentary upgrades.

“Switching PMS wasn’t as hard as we expected. Even as we’re heading into the busy season, we managed to avoid any interruptions in service,” added Dante Fowler, Assistant General Manager at The Gotham Hotel. “Our favorite part is the ease of access from anywhere, clear functionalities and the ability to train staff easily.”