Aspire announces The Art of Hospitality, a new and highly relevant service delivery training program to support the hospitality industry as they re-open and re-enter their respective markets. “The challenges our tourism community faces are significant and complex. Guest service delivery needs to be re-thought, re-processed and team members need to be re-trained as we get back to work.”, says JC Thompson, Aspire’s Chief Operating Officer.

Over the past 25 years Aspire’s research based and strategic approach to culture driven guest service training has allowed us to position the guest experience as a true competitive advantage and secret sauce for our clients. We took the last 3 months to do our homework and identified the 3 essential training elements that all team members must master for hotels and resorts to effectively and successfully re-emerge.

This ½ day program is customized to support your brand position and get your team ready for their new reality focusing on:

  1. Choosing the right Mindset
  2. Heroic Hospitality skills, Aspire’s 4 step process
  3. Communication Skills, designed with today’s service realities in mind


“Our clients need training support to help them balance the challenges of reopening from respecting physical distancing and communication with a mask in tow to the art of hospitality and guest happiness in this new reality. Service expectations will vary, and change is difficult for even the most agile of us. Online reviews and social media posts will be an active communication element and ‘intent to return’ a key measurement of your team’s readiness, thoughtfulness and service experience”, says Thompson

The impact of negative online reviews will be significant to the organization’s reputation; and, service issues, in some cases, will make guest recovery issues hard to overcome. “Our service training is a proactive approach to providing skills that help your team members welcome guests with open hearts, create connection, decrease emotional tension associated with travel and increase engagement for guests and team members.”

“If you have new expectations of you how your team will need to deliver service, you must ensure your team has the new skills, processes and protocols they need to make your service experience shine. There has never been a more important time to position your service delivery as a competitive advantage and strengthen your brand’s value proposition”, states Thompson.

For more information on how Aspire can help you address these challenges in both a remote or onsite training approach please reach out to us at [email protected].