Toronto, Canada — September 10th, 2019 — SpaSoft, an industry leading, all-in-one spa management solution, announces that they have made significant improvements and enhancements to streamline their implementation process. With their newly enhanced approach, SpaSoft has been able to reduce their training time by about 33% on average.

By investing in services prior to the training commencing, SpaSoft implementation consultants are able to focus on teaching the spa how to effectively operate the software, rather than performing time consuming setup processes. In turn, a more seamless approach to training spa personnel has been established, which has resulted in a quicker, more effective onboarding process.

The Spa at Sundance Mountain Resort has already experienced the more efficient implementation process for themselves, which resulted in a positive experience overall. LaChell Talley, Spa Manager at the Sundance Mountain Resort had this to say, “The ability to have our data entered and our database configured ahead of the training process was a huge benefit for us. Being involved in the process from the beginning, I was able to gain a greater understanding of how things were setup in our system. With the configuration completed prior to the start of training, it really allowed us to focus on learning how to use SpaSoft, while providing us with the opportunity to go into greater depth within specific areas of the software.”

The new and improved implementation process, in conjunction with SpaSoft’s knowledgeable implementation consultants, has truly revolutionized the training and deployment of SpaSoft. As Theresa Hamberger, Director of Sales at SpaSoft stated, “We are thrilled to be able to offer a more concise, yet increasingly effective implementation process to our newly added clients. By configuring each spas system prior to training, spa personnel can learn how to operate the software more efficiently, while allowing each spa to get up and running on SpaSoft much quicker as well. As we continue to innovate as a company, we will continually look for further ways to enhance our implementation process.”

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