Hapi will facilitate streaming of data between RealTime Reservation and leading hotel Property Management Systems, allowing hoteliers to provide guests with a complete view of all bookings in one place.

MIAMI and NEW YORK, November 16, 2023 – Hapi, the hospitality industry’s leading platform for fast and cost-effective connectivity between technology systems, has announced a new integration with RealTime Reservation, a single reservation platform for ancillary revenue. Through the integration, RealTime Reservation can ingest data from the industry’s leading Property Management Systems by writing to a single Hapi API.

RealTime Reservation offers properties in the hospitality industry a comprehensive, easy-to-use guest engagement and inventory management tool that can “reserve a moment in real time.” RealTime Reservation’s series of solutions can be purchased separately or as a suite of services, depending on a hotel’s needs. The platform allows guests to book activities, cabanas, amenities, classes, F&B, and more while staff directly control capacity and pricing. Hoteliers can follow the guest journey and upsell to capture revenue pre-arrival and during their stay.

With streaming data between RealTime Reservation and the hotel PMS in real time, operators can now instantly send any bookings or cancellations to Hapi, which will forward it to the property’s guest Itinerary systems to view.

RealTime Reservation is already taking advantage of the integration to allow guests to see a global itinerary, combining bookings from all the hotel and third-party booking platforms. For example, if a guest booked a poolside cabana, they could now easily view their room booking from the hotel together with their cabana booking through RealTime Reservation.

“RealTime Reservation is committed to providing hotels with the technology they need to improve the overall guest experience,” said Shawn Tarter, President and Founder of RealTime Reservation. “This integration empowers hoteliers to provide guests with a central location to view their bookings without having to navigate through multiple systems to find their itinerary.”

RealTime Reservation is the latest hotel technology solutions provider to turn to Hapi, a hospitality connectivity platform that exposes event streams and transactional APIs at scale. Hapi aims to help hotel companies innovate faster by removing integration, development and deployment challenges. The secure integration between Hapi and RealTime will allow hoteliers to access critical data in a short amount of time with little to no development work on their end.

“Operating on a well-integrated tech stack is critical to improving operational efficiency in hotels today, and we are excited to help partners like RealTime Reservation provide solutions to one of the industry’s top challenges,” said Luis Segredo, CEO of Hapi. “Hapi has become the de facto API standard for connectivity and we’re proud to be helping hoteliers at corporate levels action their data.”