Vail, CO. (May 24, 2021) – RDP today announced a new integration with PointCentral, a cloud-based property automation platform that hospitality businesses use to offer a premium smart home experience with contactless access. Following over 30 years of tailored service in the hospitality industry, this integration with PointCentral is RDP’s next evolution in its full suite Property Management Software solution. In response to a trying 2020 for properties, RDP has developed a full Touchless Check-In and Check-Out platform that will change the nature of guest-staff interaction on partner properties in the future. By integrating with RDP, PointCentral’s platform will enhance this new functionality with automated dispatch of smart lock access codes to guests based on reservation dates. This integration between RDP and PointCentral will eliminate the need to access both platforms in order to provide efficient keyless access on-property, resulting in a safer, more convenient rental experience for guests and staff alike.

“We are very excited to begin our partnership with PointCentral,” said Nate Strauss, Vice President of RDP Sales and Marketing. “RDP has developed our Property Management Software through valuable feedback and long partnerships with our customers. We are always willing to listen when our clients request quality integrations that will increase operational efficiency and draw happy guests that increase the bottom line,” Strauss continued. “With our new integration with PointCentral, our client properties will now offer an effective keyless access system that will provide guests a state-of-the-art room security experience while using less staffing resources to constantly activate physical keycards.”

Touchless Check-In and Check-Out is a necessary feature of modern Property Management Software, and this will remain relevant long after the pandemic ends. Automating the formalities of signing registration cards, assigning room numbers, authorizing credit cards, and printing key cards for guests will improve the quality guest-staff interactions and add security to access on properties. Rather than fumbling with screens to gather information and prolonging Check-In/Check-Out processes, Front Desk Staff will instead be able to focus on the human relationship with the drivers of revenue: satisfied guests.

Sean Miller, president of PointCentral says “We’re delighted to welcome Resort Data Processing into our family of integration partners “This is another milestone in the history of our platform that will deliver additional value to our existing customers and create opportunities to expand our reach. With heightened awareness of health concerns and efforts to limit interactions with people, it’s more important than ever that property managers use a contactless access control solution within any vacation property management platform they use.”