Orlando, FL – June 14, 2016 – In the short span of a year, ProfitSword has added 17 management companies and another 1,000 hotels to its ever-growing list of partners using ProfitSword’s B.I. and reporting applications. Designed for hospitality by hospitality professionals, the B.I. solutions encompass a wide range of functionality related to operations, accounting, sales, analysis, and reporting. The growth is attributed to the addition of new partners and existing partners growing their portfolios by acquisition and third party management agreements.

“Our new partners account for about 600 hotels,” states Paul Bennie, Director of Global Sales for ProfitSword, “our existing partners’ growth accounts for the additional 400 or so properties.” ProfitSword does participate in several tradeshows throughout the year; however, Bennie states that the biggest source of new business comes from individuals who have left a company using ProfitSword’s solution and move to a company without. “It is a great feeling to get that call and hear the words, ‘I’d forgotten what life was like before ProfitSword’,” says Bennie.

ProfitSword is also busy rolling out a completely upgraded User Interface (UI) to all of their existing partners in 2016, providing greatly enhanced reporting capabilities and individual user dash-boarding functionality. “The newest version of the software puts the power of the data into individual users’ hands,” according to Mike Patton, co-Owner and Partner in ProfitSword. “Each user can now define his or her own dashboards, allowing them to focus on their specific needs at either the property level or above property/regional level.” The piece of the new UI for above property personnel has already been installed and tested with each of ProfitSword’s existing partners, and the property-level functionality will be rolled out in the latter part of this year. “We will be show-casing the property-level functionality of the new UI at HITEC, and we have already selected our partners for beta-testing. Our plan is to deliver the complete UI to all clients by the first quarter of 2017.”

ProfitSword’s success has, in turn, created additional opportunities for internal growth at ProfitSword. Earlier this year, ProfitSword announced several key promotions from within their ranks and in the past year has grown their associate count by 30%. “We have a terrific staff that is growing right along with the rest of the business,” said Tili Findley, co-Owner and Partner. “We have an intensive hiring process and we look for the very best candidates. Because of the effort we put into our hiring, we have virtually no turnover!”

“ProfitSword is an ever-changing, ever-moving entity,” says Findley. “We are constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of our existing partners and we hope, with the help of our Advisory Council, we are anticipating their future expectations as well!”